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UK FCA reveals financial scams scamming more play psychological warfare 55 years old are you sober enough

 These people Eastforexcashback very smart, good at using mind games to win trust As someone who has been caught in a scam, I know how difficult it East forex cashback to identify whether their cashbackforexbtc products are legitimate or not, but remember, those investment plans cashback forex sound good are probably scams If you get an unexpected call (cold call), hang up the phone immediately Anti-fraud person NickHewer said  55 years old forexcashbackcalculator above, you are the main target of fraudsters Oh, today, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a survey announcement reminded that the survey report is mainly for investors over 55 years old, the following is the FCA revealed the main points of the scam:  • to provide you with higher than the general market rate of return, and as low as possible investment risk &bull ;Use flattering statements to make you feel good, such as praise you are a knowledgeable investor  •Tell you that only he provides this trading product can get high returns, and must be kept confidential  •Tell you that there are customers who have invested to enjoy a profitable return, or some customers are trading in, note that this is the use of social evidence to gain trust  •Give you a time limit, launch a limited-time offer, so that you make decisions in the pressure, such as the opportunity can not be lost, etc. The FCA urges everyone to invest carefully, do not invest in unauthorized companies, or will not be able to enjoy the relevant financial investment compensation Fraud prevention secrets:  •Refuse to take the initiative to contact your investors  nbsp;•Before investing, always check the FCA website to see if the company or individual is authorized and consult the FCAs warning list •Always get neutral investment advice before investing FCA Executive Director Mark Steward commented: Be wary of low risk, flattery, promises of profit, customizing special deals for you, the Limited time offers and other temptations Stay awake, dont be led by them to make decisions, learn to question and verify their qualifications, and dont invest if you have any doubts Survey results: 1. The over-55 group is the main target for scammers because this group is thought to have the financial strength to invest 2. Only 42% of people know how to avoid possible investment pitfalls 3. The average victim lost £32,000 in investment scams last year 4. The most common scam and the most gullible one is to give you the lure of a limited time offer on an investment to make a decision under pressure More than half of those surveyed over the age of 55 think a quick decision is the key to taking advantage of a good investment opportunity