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The secret why homeopathic trading is always not making money

Eastforexcashback trad cashbackforexbtcg in homeopathic cashback forex East forex cashback a recognized technical analysis of the sect of money-making operations, but since the formation of the trend of trading sect so far, why many people mouth to mouth but still lose money? In summary, there are only a few reasons: 1, trend direction error; 2, capital management is not in place; 3, the rhythm is not allowed to step; today I just want to judge the trend direction is correct in the case of why many people still lose money or do not earn more than the reason? Personal experience that the key point is that the rhythm is not allowed to step on whether we have often encountered such a situation, when a market breakthrough especially big Yin big Yang line appeared we homeopathic entry, but the market does not continue to go in the direction of continue to go but retracement rest, because the stop loss limited retracement so swept off the loss, or only get a little bit of small profit, compared to the risk of bearing more this is what we in the homeopathic trading The prevailing rhythm stepped badly, always stepping on the relative low of the downtrend or the relative high of the uptrend, as shown in the figure:  The figure is an obvious downtrend, turtle trading like to do breakthrough quotes trading, that is, breakthrough entry, in fact, the figure we have every platform breakthrough entry are relative volatility (low) approaching, if you set the stop loss near the breakthrough position is easy to be Stop loss out, even if you do not set a stop loss or stop loss is not swept we still need to bear a lot of pressure after the breakthrough market retracement this is our homeopathic trading, why the pressure is still so big, losses, or profit forexcashbackcalculator loss ratio does not reach the ideal expectations of the reason how to properly homeopathic trading it? I have often talked about the Dow Theory in previous posts, in the Dow Theory philosophy talks about: price fluctuations are non-linear, but to zigzag fluctuations run upward trend is constantly rising highs and lows; downward trend is the low and high gradually go lower; trend in the highs and lows is the crest and trough, its formation is the traders psychological role in the formation of resistance and support levels, in fact, the long and short sides The result of the game we are looking at the following chart of the peak and trough in the trend market role In such a downtrend, the peak (high) are subject to the resistance of the previous peak (high), the trough (low) are subject to the support of the previous trough (low); chart we can easily find each breakthrough before the low rebound is difficult to exceed the price resistance of the previous peak observation and understanding of such a law after We will further seize the rhythm of the trend, when each breakthrough innovation low rebound, the rebound down powerless is when I short single entry, stop loss on the former wave price position   we breakthrough in the chart after the market rebound powerless entry, in time and space and stop loss is the optimal choice, this is the homeopathic trading in the sense of rhythm grasp