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The real JoeLewis triggered a forex scam

It is not surpris East forex cashbackg cashbackforexbtc there are two or more people with the same name However, in the forex Eastforexcashback world, there are two people named Joe cashback forex, forexcashbackcalculator triggered a forex investment scam, this can no longer be regarded as a story to see the original, after careful investigation found that a person called JoeLewis impersonated the forex trading world legend JoeLewis, not only cheated hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, but also coaxed the investors around things like this: a trading site called JoeLewisTrading, attracted many investors to come, mainly because of the foreign exchange trading mogul JoeLewis, but also so, this site quickly get nearly 200 million dollars of investment However, soon investors found However, it was not long before investors found that they were losing their trading capital and slowly discovered that the site was not actually professional The forex trader, who called himself JoeLewis, not only did not have any trading plan, but was also very prone to get into the mood of revenge trading At this point, investors were alarmed that they had been duped! This self-proclaimed JoeLewis trader is known as the UKs Bernard Madoff (the biggest fraudster in British history, operating a Ponzi scheme that defrauded over $60 billion) How can a novice forex trader with such poor skills defraud so many investors? This also has to start with the real JoeLewis…… Joe Lewis (JoeLewis) Joe Lewis was born in 1937 in England, he dropped out of school at the age of 15 to help manage his fathers restaurant business can be said that Lewis formed the concept of money early when he grew up and took over the family business, he began to sell luxury goods to American travelers In 1979, he sold the family business left behind by his elders and made his first fortune. In 1980, Lewis began trading forex and over the years discovered his talent and became one of the worlds most successful forex traders, making Lewis widely known for having joined the ranks of financial magnate George Soros in 1992. GeorgeSoross team, successfully sniped the pound and accumulated a huge fortune in that years Black Wednesday pound crash There are rumors that Lewis made even more money in this pound ambush than Soros Lewis hardly ever talks about his trading history in public but he has said that apart from 1992, he successfully shorted the Mexican financial crisis in 1995 Lewis is unique among top foreign exchange traders in that he has not earned any degree in finance or economics, and his trading experience shows everyone that formal education is not a requirement for success. The Tavistock Group currently invests in more than 200 companies in 15 countries around the world, ranging from real estate to sporting events, and in order to avoid taxes, Lewis moved his company to the Bahamas and began settling in this vacation paradise himself. Lewis private mobile office, Aviva, has a net worth of $5.4 billion. In addition to the traders own trading level problems, but also because of the industry some violations of the existence of the company or behavior, exacerbated the loss of investor funds foreign exchange industry has created many top traders appear, their every move are observed by investors with a magnifying glass and follow these top traders of ordinary traders, the first ability to have is to identify the truth otherwise, you may encounter the scammer JoeLewis, who suffered a loss for no reason