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The law of volume change

Many foreign Eastforexcashback cashback forexvestors do not know the law of East forex cashback change, volume cashbackforexbtc an important skill to see the plate, a good feeling from the usual learning and accumulation, not a few words can be said volume analysis and K-line analysis combined, can be more accurate understanding of the market transactions, insight into the mystery of the changes in the exchange rate here will be eight stages of volume change is summarized as the eight order law 1, volume Increase forexcashbackcalculator flat, turn positive signal: the exchange rate after a continuous decline in the low area, there is an increase in volume price stabilization phenomenon, at this time, the general volume of the positive column line significantly more than the negative column, convex and concave volume difference is more obvious, indicating that the bottom in the accumulation of upward momentum, there is a main force in the goods for the medium-term turn positive signal, you can buy the right amount of shares to be raised sometimes in the midway up the trend will also appear volume increase price flat, it means that the exchange rate upward temporarily frustrated, as long as the uptrend is not broken, the general consolidation of the price change is not a major factor. As long as the uptrend is not broken, the general collation will still have the market 2, volume increase price rise, buy signal: volume continues to increase, the exchange rate trend also turned up, which is the best short and medium-term buy signal volume increase price rise is the most common long active attack mode, should actively enter to buy, and Zhuang dance 3, volume flat price rise, continue to buy: volume to maintain the same volume level, the exchange rate continues to rise, you can participate in the period at the right time 4, volume Decrease in price, continue to hold: volume decreases, the exchange rate is still continuing to rise, suitable to continue to hold foreign exchange, even if if if the lock chip phenomenon is better, but also only small funds short term participation, because the exchange rate has had a considerable increase, close to the end of the rise sometimes in the early stage of the rise will also appear volume decreases price rise, it may be a flash in the pan, but after the amount of complementary still have upward space 5, volume decreases price flat, warning signal: volume significantly Reduced, the exchange rate after a long period of significant rise, horizontal finishing no longer rise, this is the signal for the shipment of this stage if a sudden huge amount of days pull out a large positive large negative, regardless of whether there is good and negative news, should be decisive dispatch 6, the amount of price reduction, sell signal: volume continues to reduce, the trend of the exchange rate began to turn down, for the sell signal this is no amount of negative decline, the bottom is far away, the so-called more than dead down trend more than The volume has been down to the complete loss of confidence in the long position to cut off to admit compensation, out of the large volume, the downtrend will stop, so in operation, as long as the trend reversal, should promptly stop loss out 7, the volume of flat price down, continue to sell: volume stopped reducing, the exchange rate sliding down sharply, this stage should continue to adhere to the policy of early selling, do not buy beware of flying knife broken hand 8, the volume increased price down, abandoned to sell wait and see: the exchange rate after a long period of significant decline The volume increased, even if the exchange rate is still falling, but also to be cautious of extreme panic down, so the operating principle of this stage is to give up selling short positions to wait and see the incremental volume of the low price area indicates that there are funds to take over, indicating that the later is expected to form the bottom or rebound generation, suitable for attention sometimes if the trend reverses at the beginning of the decline in the volume increase price down, then more decisively should be liquidated out of the position