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The four essential elements of foreign exchange investment

The foreign cashback forex cashbackforexbtc East forex cashback volatile, exchange rate movements by political, economic, technical forexcashbackcalculator psychological and many other factors sometimes up and down, high w Eastforexcashbackds and waves and sometimes more than short stalemate, ripples So how do investors in the foreign exchange market to establish the correct investment concept? How to grasp the exact timing of buying and selling it? How can we make long-term stable profits? I think we should start from the following four aspects a. Risk control is the first U.S. stock god Warren Buffett once said a widely circulated words: "Investment to try to avoid risk, preserve the principal" I think, for investors, risk control to what extent is not too much to emphasize because the principal is gone, the opportunity to turn around in the market will be In fact, the market itself is no risk, the market is like a big river, the risk lies in the river you risk size manipulation in my so follow the market, stop-loss single forever with around is the most effective means of risk control two, capital management is very critical foreign exchange investment, especially foreign exchange margin trading investment, due to the use of leveraged transactions, the capital magnified many times, capital management is very important full trading and Heavy traders are actually gambling, will eventually be eliminated by the market light operation, follow the trend of the code, and to pyramidal code is a more ideal way to manage capital stock operations in the tactics of stopping the flat but can not be used indiscriminately, to be used with caution, otherwise will suffer greater losses three, the control of the trading psychology of the wind know strong grass, fire refining real gold human character of greed, fear, hesitation, decisiveness, courage, caution, To a certain extent, winning is a reward for the merits of your character in the trading process, losing is a punishment for the shortcomings of your character in the trading process technically good to learn, psychologically difficult to close the human nature in the ups and downs of the market one by one, control their own psychology, recognize the nature of people, away from the herd, standing opposite the majority of people, the market you have won Half four, technology and experience in fact, as far as technology is concerned, most investors can learn very well, because he (she) since he (she) dare to come to the financial market to groping, there is a certain amount of capital strength to operate, the level of intelligence is not likely to have what obstacles the key is that they did not choose their technical tools only, because there are too many technical indicators and analysis tools, dazzling, if the technical reference often If the technical reference often wavers, the analysis results will be different, so investors choose a good fit for their own analysis tools is also very critical experience, is the need for long-term accumulation, not overnight can be reached, genius is there, after all, or a few in the market before mastering the corresponding theoretical knowledge, will save investors from taking a lot of detours want to learn more about foreign exchange knowledge? Please continue to pay attention to