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The foreign exchange speculation what kind of people can make money to see if you are such a person

always feel that the transaction itself is a very simple th Eastforexcashbackg, nothing more than the trend, oscillation conversion recently a good friend unemployed at home, he is a very good learning people, before there are read some technical professional technical books, such as "Japanese c cashbackforexbtclestick technology" "trend technical analysis" "futures East forex cashback technical analysis" "to trade for a living" and so on books, the technology has a certain basis, and some stock market experience, but the lack of real-world experience want to cashback forex foreign exchange and asked me how to learn he was a blank sheet of paper I helped him register a 2000 U.S. dollar demo account to tell him some simple forexcashbackcalculator rules 1 you first need to understand their trading account capital situation, such as you have a 60% success rate, earn 200 points, stop loss of 100 points then The funds are divided into 20 to do, theoretically you will profit so each transaction up to a loss of no more than 5% 2 follow the trend of trading, there is no time to open a single standard, but there is no time to open a single standard such as the price in the 4-hour Ma50 above while MACD in the 0 axis above, only do more single not open short single, and vice versa 3 adhere to the trend of trading time cycle, only look at the 4 hours above the trading chart. Resolutely do not look at the small cycle chart results of this friend every time you open a single according to this guideline, the capital situation can always maintain 3 single stop loss 2 points, 1 single big profit account finally is profitable later I was thinking about a thing if a person put aside the infection of money reputation, serious to understand the stock market, foreign exchange market, in fact, trading itself is very simple thing, simple very very easy to understand but when we enter the market and How many people are relaxed mind to study and understand the market, have a number of in mind to participate in it? When you press on the pension, buy a house money, sons tuition, you are doing not trading, is gambling your heart only profit and loss, no market at all no thinking about the nature of the market ask how you can not lose? In fact, 99.99% of the people who entered the market on the first day of the loss of attitude, losing posture to walk 50 centimeters above the ground 10 meters long 10 centimeters wide one-way bridge is easy, and steeply let you walk 50 meters above the ground 10 meters long 10 centimeters wide one-way bridge many people will fall off because you only have in mind in case you fall off how to do, and simply do not think about how to go trading is actually very simple, if you are willing to open a heart 2000 U.S. dollars account simulation to think deeply about the nature of trading believe that you will instead be successful do not be desire to confuse your mind Author: the godfather of financial speculation