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The experience of successful speculators

  The capital Eastforexcashback East forex cashback a place to create miracles, foreign exchange marg cashbackforexbtc cashback forex is to create this miracle provides sufficient conditions if you have a clear goal, the contract, discipline, forexcashbackcalculator have a set of excellent trading system, then this miracle may happen in your body in the foreign exchange market, the United States of America, Mr. Richard Dennis can say The name is unknown, but he started with $1600 investment capital, completely in his personal capacity, with its unique market technical analysis and research system and practical technical system, 16 years to $1600 value to $1 billion like this miracle will happen every year in the foreign exchange market, only more successful people keep a low profile, not known it If you carefully analyze the experience of these successful people, you will find that in their success process there are five Will find that in their success process there are five basic steps, namely, clear goals, the right concept, excellent tools, discipline, plan scientific first step: clear goals to do anything to have goals, no goals, will be lost enterprises have annual profit targets, the country has annual GDP growth targets and five-year development plan, as individuals should also have ideals, but this ideal in different stages of life is reflected in different If specifically expressed in the capital market, you should make a clear plan of what kind of profit target you should achieve in the next month, year, three years or five years or more This goal may not be achieved within the specified time, but it must also be developed, because he is your direction to move forward without direction goals, there can be no implementation steps and plans without implementation steps and plans. Plan to talk about success, is a fools dream, the mirror, the moon in the water, is simply impossible, for example: I want to use $ 500 to earn $ 10 million, many people sound like a pipe dream because the gap between the two is too big, impossible to achieve really impossible to achieve? If you use $500 to enter the market, if it is 1:200 times the margin, every day you only open one hand position, only 30 points per day, every increase of $500, you open one more hand position, to 180 days, you have ten million dollars According to statistics, the foreign exchange market each currency fluctuations in the average daily range of more than 100 points, only one third of which is earned every day, theoretically not difficult, but in In practice, it may be a lot more difficult if you break down the difficulties constantly, as the human moon project into a specific implementation steps, then the difficult things may become very simple Step 2: The concept of the right to have to use $ 500 to earn $ 10 million specific goals, but how to achieve, which involves the concept of level with investment or speculative methods, medium-term or short-term positions to Achieve the goal of winning 30 points per day? If the day does not win 30 points how to do, if the day does not win instead of loss how to do, is the 15 minutes or 60 minutes as a period of watching the market … … and so on issues should be clear in the goal to consider a comprehensive and clear understanding of only these issues to think clearly, you will be able to develop the appropriate plan, the implementation of strict discipline, looking for a good trading system to help you To achieve this goal otherwise, you will be complacent in a few consecutive wins of more than $30, greed has expanded sharply; the day of the loss of $20 and sulking, disregarding the characteristics of the market or state of mind and become a random open position trading these are incorrect ideas, is the enemy of your success, but also the weakness of all investors human nature these are the need for the right ideas to overcome the third step: tools excellent work in the matter Must first benefit from its tools in the process of foreign exchange trading, there is no a good trading system, is a key factor in your success a good trading system is to ensure that you achieve your goals fundamental, is to ensure that you win every time you trade the probability of favoring your side in the end, in the foreign exchange market long-term stable profit, is required to rely on the probability of winning is always greater than the probability of loss to ensure that kind of like Murphy said 60% of the win by 40% A good trading system is the basis to ensure your long-term stable profit without such a system, you will always wander in the endless state of loss, profit, loss, and then win, until you are one day expelled from the market for example, 100 trading days, if you trade 100 times For example, if you trade 100 times in 100 trading days, 60 times win, 40 times loss, win and loss are 30 dollars, after winning and losing, you end up winning 20 times, a total of $600 If you follow this probability of winning and losing all the way, 250 trading days a year, you will win 150 times, lose 100 times, and finally win 50 times, so that the dream of achieving from $500 to $10 million may take nearly 4 years. This prolongs the realization of your goals, but will not prevent you from achieving your goals Step 4: Discipline strict foreign exchange market opportunities are too many, facing such a wealth of temptation, human greed is bound to also expand dramatically if there is not a good discipline, you will drown in this market strict discipline is to ensure that you achieve your goals of the conditions of the same people, why the army has more combat power than ordinary people? It is because they go through strict training, with strict discipline if the trading system is compared to strict training, then whether the system can work to ensure strict discipline in trading many people will encounter, obviously the trading system to open or close a position signal, the operator by greed or fear of the impact of the signal will not operate from time to time, the result is either set or cut meat discipline is not If you are a disciplined person, you can stay in this market, otherwise it is better to exit the fifth step: plan scientific to achieve the goal of $ 500 to $ 10 million, scientific plan is very important to have With the previous four steps as a guarantee, the last step is how to develop a scientific plan this plan is how many points of profit exit, how many points of loss stop loss; if several consecutive losses, whether it should be rested for a period of time; if the market does not have a better market, whether it is still reluctant to trade; how many times a day should be traded; is the choice of night or day trading; if the completion of the days profit target, whether to continue to trade, and Losses, whether the capital should be brought back…… these are all in the plan to consider clearly when the plan is completed, you will find that the transaction becomes as simple as eating and drinking, you do not have the pressure to open a position, holding a position will not be anxious and anxious, when closing a position naturally will not have greed and fear in doing sneak because you know that what happens today will be in your All you need to do is wait for when you reach 180 trades and accomplish your dream of $500-$10 million. This is the true meaning of trading, the secret of the successful.