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Talking about programmed trading in the real world looking for the holy grail of constant victory in the financial markets!

We all know the weakness of human nature forexcashbackcalculator fear cashback forex greed Eastforexcashbackvestment cashbackforexbtc is a zero-sum game, someone make money, then someone must lose money, and always make money is a minority of people, the majority of people lose money a minority of people earn the majority of peoples money, so there are all kinds of legends generated every time you hear a East forex cashback myth, along with it must be a number of people lose money, this is also the professional players and non-professional players This is the difference between professionals and non-professionals. The advantage of programmed trading is that the use of computerized signals can help investors in the trading process to avoid being affected by emotional fluctuations and achieve rational investment. To beat these smart people in the industry, you must first overcome yourself, to overcome their human weaknesses, that is, fear and greed I Armstq that in the investment market to achieve good results, the most important is the three: a good mindset, reasonable capital allocation, and the scientific method of operation operation a scientific method of operation allows us to take many detours, especially for those who are new to this path Investors then what is the scientific method of operation? The author believes that, whether short term or medium term, to catch the rat is a good cat as to how to catch, is the problem of the cat, we want a result here on what we have seen and heard in the investment market over the years, to give you an introduction, in order to throw a brick to draw jade generally speaking, the majority of investors involved in financial trading market is an intuitive trader, they rely on their intuition of the market to They rely on their own intuition about the market to trade, that is, I think the market will be how it is, the market will be how it is and think they can beat the market with their own ability, so trading by intuition is a way to beat the market for the purpose of active investment but because traders themselves have limited understanding of the market and practical experience, their intuition is often an illusion, often leading to the wrong judgment of the market In addition, traders in trading not only In addition, traders are not only subject to the constraints of knowledge, experience, skills, but also often affected by the trading emotions, traders in the trading of large fluctuations in emotions will also make him lose rationality in trading, which leads to the failure of the transaction once the market trend and their expectations do not match, it is inevitable that the whole mind imbalance, trading results can be imagined Generally speaking, junior investors after a period of less pleasant trading inside the smart people will The wise ones start to seek changes, as the saying goes, change is change! The willingness to change into a trend trader is a huge transformation, an important step in the transformation of a failed trader into a successful trader system trading is to change from beating the market to conforming to the market, from active investment to passive investment, so that their investment behavior to get some form of regulation of effective trading methods which also naturally overcome our inner fear and greed I wonder Is there a holy grail in this market? I wonder if there is a holy grail in this market? Find this holy grail people can get profits in this market with ease from the reality, I am seeing some people take money from the market with ease, consistently and steadily of course there is a part of me in it. I want to change my method of operation! I think a good system, or a reasonable programmed trader must be a trend trader Generally speaking, our daily work is spent in waiting for the signal to be generated if the trend is smooth, the transaction will soon produce profits Then we follow the trend of the market, transform into a medium-term trend single, and hold it all the way until the end of the trend maybe this process is a few days, maybe a month or a few months trend trading guru Stanley * Crowe once held in the sugar trade for several years, a battle of fame! So if we follow the signal after entry, there is a loss and beyond the system set stop loss point, then the single becomes a short term single, loss out so every time someone asks me, you do short term or medium term ah? I can only say that I am a programmed trader every time I do a single starting point is to make this transaction in accordance with the medium-term trend single manipulation if the market proves me wrong, cut out, also became a short term after 2 years of real-world testing, strict compliance with the programmed trading annual return rate of more than 50%, which has a large number of customers willing to provide the delivery single can be verified, but also welcome the investors interested in this request. Verify! I have seen a trader, just operating soybeans, in strict accordance with the programmed trading basically only a few times a year, usually what to do, is to look at the signal before the close of each day lightly operate, but the profit is quite abundant! Generally speaking, since the general investors choose the program trading system, they should understand that any trading system has its peak and trough trading system from the broad categories can be divided into trend and oscillating trend trading system can play a role in the strong trend market, in the oscillating market is not effective; oscillating trading system can only play a role in the oscillating market and the market is always in the trend market and oscillating market I have seen all successful programmed traders strictly adhere to their own trading systems. When the trading system is at a low point, a series of small losses, although manageable, can cause a trader to become depressed and doubtful about the trading system, thus changing his trading system. The financial investment is a serious work, do not pursue profiteering, because profiteering is unstable, we are pursuing stable trading we are not trading the market, we are trading our system!