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Speculation of foreign exchange killer trend line

Trend East forex cashback forexcashbackcalculator one of the most common methods, but at the same time the cashbackforexbtc l Eastforexcashbacke is not effectively used fully if the trend line is drawn correctly, as in other technical analysis methods, is very accurate but the problem is that most traders can not draw the trend line correctly, or try to make the trend line in line with the market, while we need to make the market in line with our trend line & nbsp; The most basic form of the trend line is, in an uptrend, connecting the obvious support area (the lowest point) of the straight line is the trend line in a downtrend, connecting the obvious resistance area (the highest point) of the straight line, is also a trend line A trend line drawing 1, the trend line is a measure of the price trend, the direction of the trend line can clearly see the trend of the stock price In an uptrend, the two lows into a straight line, you get a rising trend line; in the downtrend, the two highs into a straight line, you get a falling trend line rising trend line is a support line, falling trend line is a pressure line We can easily draw a trend line, which does not mean that the trend line has been mastered, we draw a straight line, there are many questions we need to answer the most urgent The most urgent question to be answered is whether the line we drew has any value cashback forex whether it is highly accurate as a reference for our future stock market forecasts?  To get a trend line that really works, it must be verified in many ways before the final confirmation, first of all, there must be a trend generally speaking, the more times the drawn line is touched, the more its validity as a trend line is confirmed, the longer the line continues, the more valid the line is Second, the trend line is a very old technical analysis method The so-called inter-ruler to break into the world, however, it It is indeed too simple, so simple that most people can not believe its accuracy The trend line is based on the general coordinate system, not the logarithmic coordinate system (logarithmic coordinates have another use) that is, as the stock price pushes up, the trend line represents the rising speed is getting slower and slower, and vice versa This is why? My understanding is that the trend line reflects a capital trend, up, the capital grows at a fixed rate, and down, it decreases at a fixed rate, so, reflected in the stock price, is a uniform change process The basic use of the trend line is: the trend line is support/pressure, penetration will be turned in fact, the accuracy of this method is not high want to improve the accuracy rate, we must look at a trend line even If there are more points, such as 3, the accuracy rate will be much higher. However, in my analysis of patterns, most of the cases are in pursuit of maximum profits in the short term, so the trend line is not yet used in this way. The specific method is: The stock price rises, logically, should be an acceleration process, no matter how large the period and due to The long-term trend of the stock price is determined by performance, so the steeper trend line, no matter how many points, will eventually be broken, and the breakdown does not mean the end of the market after the breakdown, there can be another relatively gentle trend line to hold it as far as the decline, it goes without saying But, as a strong stock, is bound to accelerate, so its support line is bound to be a steeper than a This is how a big rise is possible If a stock is on its way up, and there is no deep adjustment, but a platform is longer than one, and the trend line is flatter than one, it is not far from falling The analysis process is to first find the lowest point of the stock, and then find the most obvious one after this low, so that the first trend line is completed, and then find the most obvious low after the 2nd low, and even out the 2nd line 2 line if the second line than the first slow, that this stock play is not big; if the second line is steeper, then row the third, the fourth, so on, until you can not find the obvious low so far can meet the increasingly steep stocks, are strong stocks However, even if you do not meet this harsh condition, the same can be selected to rise stocks method is: once the stock price hit a trend line, then first look below it If it falls to that line, it will be a good man again. If it is too far away, then look at the next low of the line that was broken, if the stock price falls lower than it, it also has the conditions to rise Of course, this is only one of the conditions from thousands of stocks, through a series of strict screening conditions, and finally left about 10 stocks that meet the conditions generally speaking, these stocks will have excellent performance The above are all For the rise, if it is for the fall, the reverse on the line, but in the market without shorting mechanism, the study of these are also useless Three, the trend line has two roles: (1) the future movement of stock prices to play a restraining role; (2) the trend line is broken, it means that the next trend will reverse, the more important the more effective the trend line is broken, the stronger the signal to turn the application of the trend line of the most critical The most important question is: What is a break of a trend line?  There is no clear-cut figure to tell us that this is a breakthrough, that is not a breakthrough here bread contains a lot of human factors, or subjective ingredients here only to provide a few reference to determine whether the validity of the reference, so that in the specific judgment to consider (1) the closing price breakthrough trend than the highest and lowest intraday breakthrough trend line is important (2) after crossing the trend line, the farther away from the trend line, the more effective breakthrough people Can be based on the specific circumstances of each stock, the development of a boundary, generally with the breakthrough range, such as 3% (3) after crossing the trend line, the longer it stays on the other side of the trend line, the more effective the breakthrough 2, the track line Track line, also known as the channel line or pipeline line, is based on a method of trend line two parallel lines form a track, which is often said to rise and fall track that the trend line of parallel lines  Trend line is a part of the tangent technical analysis class, it is the use of price trends in the two lows or two highs tangent to a straight line based on this line to speculate on the future trend of the stock, therefore, this line is known as the trend line When the stock price rebound upward in the process of touching the line will be blocked; the same stock price in the process of falling once the line will usually be supported by the line, the stock price will turn up due to the trend line support and pressure, the stock price will fluctuate in the direction of this line, which is also the theoretical basis for predicting the direction of future trends Only when the stock price falls below or breaks through the line, the trend is reversed, while the nature of the line is reversed, support into pressure, pressure into support this breakthrough point or breakthrough point becomes a signal to guide investors in buying and selling However, in practice, the trend change judgment Depending on the size of the trend line angle, the distance between the two points and the breakthrough trend line when the stock price, volume and other circumstances are different and therefore, in the use of trend line analysis, to take into account Four, trend line analysis 1. Trend line (connecting medium-term fluctuations) 2. Market meaning Trend line indicates that when the stock price moves in its fixed direction, it is very likely to continue to move along this line (1) When the rising trend line is broken, it is a shipping signal before it is broken, the rising trend line is the support of each fall (2) When the falling trend line is broken, it is a signal to enter the goods before it is broken, the falling trend line is the resistance of each rally (2) When the falling trend line is broken, it is a signal to enter the goods before it is broken, the falling trend line is the resistance of each rally (2) When the falling trend line is broken, it is a signal to enter the goods (3) When the falling trend line is broken, it is a signal to enter the goods (3) The longer a stock moves with a fixed trend, the more reliable the trend is (4) In a long-term uptrend, every movement is higher than the volume of corrective movements, and when very high volume occurs, this may signal the end of the medium-term movement, followed by a reversal of the trend (5) At the end of short-term fluctuations in the medium-term movement, most have very high The top is more than the bottom, but at the bottom of the panic decline often appear very high volume, this is because at the top, the stock market boiling, retail investors blindly grabbed a large number of entry, large investors and hands to take advantage of the opportunity to take off, at the bottom, the stock market after a period of panic plunge, ignorant retail confidence shaken, see the price to sell, and at this time has reached the final stage of the long-term downtrend, so large investors and hands to start a large number of Buy, resulting in high volume (6) each rising trend line, need two obvious bottom, to decide, each downtrend line, need two top (7) the trend line and the level of the angle of the steeper the easier to be a short horizontal finishing breakthrough, so the flatter the more technical significance (8) the rise and fall of the stock price, at the end of various trends, there are accelerated rise and fall of the Therefore, the market trend reversal of the top or bottom, most away from the trend line 3. closing price does not exceed the outside of the trend line, it is not considered a breakthrough, you can ignore it, and the trend line is still useful ② If the closing price breaks through the trend line, it must exceed 3% to be trusted ③ When the stock price rises through the resistance of the downtrend line requires a large number of transactions to increase with; but down below the uptrend line support is not necessary, usually the volume of the day of the breakthrough does not increase, however, on the (3) Experienced technical analysts often draw different experimental trend lines on the chart, when the trend line proves to be meaningless, it will be erased, only retaining the trend line with analytical significance in addition, will continue to correct the original trend line, for example, when the stock price fell below the rising After the trend line and the news that the trend line above, the analyst should be from the first low and the latest formation of the low to redraw a new line, or from the second low and the new low to revise a more effective trend line Five, determine the breakthrough of the trend line The analysis of the previous article can be seen: the breakthrough of the trend line to buy, sell timing, etc. has important analytical significance, and even if only the market maker will often be based on Trend line changes to take the market operation; therefore, figure out when the trend line for the breakthrough, is an effective breakthrough or non-effective breakthrough, in fact, the stock price in the trend line hovering above and below the situation often occurs, the error of judgment means that the market operation error, the following provides some judgment methods and market principles, but the specific situation still has to be combined with the market situation at the time Specific analysis (1) the closing price of the breakthrough is a real breakthrough Technical analysts have found that the closing price breakthrough trend line, is a valid breakthrough and therefore a signal to enter the market to fall trend line that is the counter-pressure line, for example, if the market price has broken through the counter-pressure line, but the closing price is still lower than the counter-pressure line, which proves that the market did want to test the high, but the buy orders do not continue, the sell orders, so that the stock price finally fell back at the close of business Such a breakthrough, experts believe that is not an effective breakthrough, that is, the counter pressure line is still valid, the market trend is still unchanged Similarly, the breakthrough of the rising trend line, should see whether the closing price falls below the trend line in the chart records often occur: after the breakthrough of the trend line, the stock price back to the original position, this situation is not an effective breakthrough, but often the market is trapped (2) determine the breakthrough of Principles In order to avoid errors in market entry, technical analysis experts have summarized several principles to determine the true and false breakthrough: A found after the breakthrough, more than one day of observation If the breakthrough for two consecutive days after the stock price continues to develop in the direction of the breakthrough, such a breakthrough is a valid breakthrough, is a safe time to enter the market of course two days before the people market, the stock price has been a large change: the share price of the buy high; the share price of the throw low, but, even if However, even then, because the direction is clear, the trend has been set, the investor will still have a great deal to do, rather than rashly enter the market much better B pay attention to the high and low prices two days after the breakthrough If the closing price of a day breaks through the downward trend line (resistance line) upward development, the next day, if the trading price can cross his highest price, indicating that the breakthrough resistance line after a large number of buyers to follow up on the contrary, the stock price in the breakthrough upward trend line downward movement, if the next day On the contrary, when the stock price breaks through the rising trend line and moves downward, if the next days trading is below its lowest price, it means that after the breakthrough of the support line, there is a lot of pressure to sell, and it is worth to follow up and sell C Reference volume Usually the volume is a measure of the market atmosphere. The breakthrough of the trend line is also the same, when the price breaks through the support line or resistance line, if the volume rises or remains at the usual level, this indicates that after the line breakthrough to follow up more people, the market has confidence in the direction of the stock movement, investors can follow up and take huge profits However, if the line breakthrough, the volume does not rise but falls, then we should be careful to prevent the breakthrough and then return to the original position in fact In fact, some false signals of breakout may be due to the entry of some large investors, the price of the market, such as the entry of large investment companies, central bank intervention, etc. However, there are not many investors in the market to follow, the false breakout can not change the entire trend, if you believe in such a breakout, you may fall for D lateral movement When studying the trend line breakout, it is necessary to clarify a situation: the break of a trend, not necessarily the opposite party with the same Sometimes the market needs to make a slight adjustment due to a sharp rise or fall, and a sideways movement is formed if the range of the upward and downward movements is very narrow. Sometimes, people do not understand the meaning of the narrow back and forth movement of the stock price, and they feel lost. trip, the lateral movement is a bottoming process, the greater its lateral degree, the greater the power to shake off the bull state rise, and, the rise in the bull state is a dense area Similarly, at the end of the upward trip, the market price downward slide, there will also be a lateral movement lateral movement formed by the dense area, often the future stock price rebound up the resistance area, that is to say, there is not enough power, the market is difficult to break through Dense area, change the direction of decline Sixth, the trend first time second form third price fourth 1, many investors want to be able to buy inexpensive stock prices, they disregard the surrounding market environment situation, that down can be bought, the result is the more you buy the more down, the deeper the set, do not understand the art of stop loss, the final result can only be bank interest passbook 2, the reason why investment failure, because at the time did not focus on graphics, form Many investors in the market to choose stocks will use the basic method of looking at the form in different situations, the results are not the same look at the graph to speak this method of stock selection has been used by the stock market, but not everyone has a good grasp of the form of perfection is not necessarily the stock price are really the main force to take advantage of the strong capital, often take the tail to pull up the stock price method to create graphics, giving people a good feeling results kill in, and face failure  For example: 600608 Shanghai science and technology (6.75,0.13,1.96%) February 12, 2003 the main force suddenly pulled up after 2: 00, straight to the stop to give people a sense of the end of the washboard, it seems to take the main wave and drive the whole SMS concept active February 13 the main force at a high level released a huge amount of many investors to kill in, the results of the trend proved that day is the shipping behavior 3, graphically Failure because there is no focus on the length of time to determine the behavior of the main force For example: 600608 Shanghai Science and Technology from February 13 in the main force at a high level after a strong finishing 5 days, began to break down see the attached chart and a group of investors suffered losses, because to such a bull stock, since the start of the upward breakthrough, even if dragged down by the general market, will also be in the pullback to confirm, immediately pull up and take a wave of the main wave, should not Adjustment time is too long, a long time can only be the main force in the handout 4, the most critical is the trend, but the trend formed must do the corresponding buy and sell the higher the degree of ambiguity, the more people are affected by the market trend, follow the trend of speculative behavior more influential, the more unclear the situation becomes, as the trend continues, the increasing importance of speculative trading, in addition to bias will follow the trend, so that the trend continues The longer the trend, the stronger the bias becomes Finally, once a trend is established, there will be a day when the end of the road and perceive the stock market appears to be self-reinforcing trend, you will be profitable The reason why the price is placed in fourth place is because in the stock market, the price is the movement of money up when the trend is heavy?  K-line pattern, with the main force and transport, as a sound investor should be more concerned about the weekly, monthly, rather than the daily line because the daily line has traces of closing time a large cycle time, one is the main force to do the short-term change point time the length of time determines the main force behavior in China a class of prime time in the first half of the year, all kinds of funds gathered, the capital rich time determines the main force to do the scale of the stock price Wide oscillation has created the conditions trend is the key, Soros said, the trend but the formation of change will be self-reinforcing Soros is the reason for the success of the Asian financial crisis, is the successful use of the trend of 1996-1997 bull market, off-site funds continue to enter the stock market, when the country out of each direction of the short, are not working, the stock index crazy forward, is ** the trend has formed a large main force ** away two The main force came in, the second main force ** gone, the third main force ......  Price, form, time, trend is a single, but also unified, are transformed into each other, evolving each other they play a different result at different times I door how to grasp is always a difficult topic in front of the Venn theory that: in the time change point in the trend, in the angle to determine the trend The authors theory that: in the trend to produce time change point, in time, change point in the change or influence the trend The former to time-based, the latter trend-based When the trend is formed - consider entering and leaving the market When the trend is formed ---- time is up - consider entering and leaving the market When the trend is formed ---- time is up - graphics are up - price is up ---- determined to enter and leave the market Price is up - there is no pattern - do not enter the market Price is up - there is a pattern - no time ---- do not enter market Price to the === there is a pattern - there is time ---- consider entering and leaving the market (when the rebound is treated) Bull and bear markets can change everything that dare not imagine thinking previous success can learn from, he reflected the then stage of a technical approach The only thing that history can not change is the trend, the trend is the mainstream trend is the trend, the trend is the method we want to trend in looking for everything, rather than in the time change point in looking for everything The former is a river, the latter is a canal we have to find the time in the trend, the price rather than the price in the time to find the trend Once again, remember the famous Soros quote / trend once formed will be self-reinforcing The formation of a large bottom is the blood of a strong man, not the time, the price of the decision is not a technical graphical solution It is the final result of the variation of three kinds of funds (short-term, medium-term and long-term funds) The formation of the bottom is a process, is a process of accumulation of funds. It is a process of accumulation of funds, bear market does not say bottom, bull market does not say top we pursue is the trend