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Short term trading is really not easy so you can greatly improve the level of trading

Short term trad cashbackforexbtcg forexcashbackcalculator a double-edged sword it can bring you both the fastest capital growth, of course, can also bring you the fastest capital loss in the beginning, which will almost certainly happen, no one can be spared in addition to capital loss, you will also encounter the dilemma is: as if every method works, East forex cashback as if every method does not work short term Eastforexcashback The most important thing is to learn to trade according to the cashback forex itself, learn to watch the market itself directly, rather than any ideas or opinions of others outside the market I personally recommend that beginners do not go to learn those messy theories and methods, with the basics after the direct trading by feeling, in the transaction to learn to learn how to observe and judge the market itself without any virtue and technical basis conditions, only look at Price patterns and volume, without looking at any technical indicators, and trading based on their own judgment in almost no knowledge of the situation is of course very difficult, and will encounter capital losses, but using a very small amount of money to trade, the amount of losses can be controlled, but of course will feel at a loss, but in this way to start, after a solid observation of the market in no knowledge of the stage, to be able to The level of judgment and trading achieved after a year of pure training is far greater than that of a trader who relies on fundamental analysis or technical indicators of any kind! Because you have adapted and learned to face the market itself directly, which is one of the most important abilities of trading. Over-trained people, it is difficult to abandon conventional habits of thought and behavior, but once they start to really abandon those things, the persons own latent ability will slowly emerge to help himself, on this point, there is no need to doubt that at a certain stage of trading, you will be caught in a sell up, a buy down situation ------ This is in the short term trading training, almost inevitable stage of this situation, the market The vast majority of people either gamble away all their capital in the heart of reluctance, or slowly give up in self-doubt and if you can survive this stage, in the slow adaptation process to find a sense of direction, then congratulations, you have actually basically succeeded in addition to the operational level, there is a psychological level of pressure, forex trading as long as you are present, you have to face their own funds every moment in the reduction or increase in the situation of frequent full positions This psychological pressure can cause frequent errors in judgment, distortions in your operations, and can very easily make you physically uncomfortable, stiff, or even watch your balance fall without taking any action, as if you were frozen in place. The difference is only that short term traders encounter them more often and other types of traders encounter them less often. From a certain point of view, it is this degree of difference that allows short term traders to progress faster than other traders. A person who cannot withstand great psychological and physiological stress, and who cannot gradually bring himself to the stage of rapid adjustment under great psychological and physiological stress, cannot be a successful trader for a very simple reason: the market can be said to be, in most cases, inconsistent with the expectations of most traders (otherwise how to make money will always be a minority), and in the case of going against his expectations and wishes, cannot relax and A psychological and physiological state that is unable to relax and adjust quickly against ones expectations and desires cannot expect to make many correct trades at all ------ The ability to adjust quickly and flexibly psychologically and physiologically is the true inner foundation of trading, which is the fundamental reason why I advocate putting oneself in maximum stress situations from the start. In the speculative market, almost any trading technique cannot be separated from the traders inner foundation and quality, and it is meaningless to talk about the level of the trader without this foundation. Finally, if you find yourself without progress for a long time, then congratulations, it means that you will soon be on the next level of the level of improvement is always after a long period of accumulation, through a sudden pull-up way to manifest