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On the content needed for a complete trading system

The first lecture: entry po forexcashbackcalculatort  on the choice of entry point, please Eastforexcashbacke that I use the choice rather than judgment, because according to the different styles of doing single, will form different entry points simply summarized as follows:   1, the limit point hanging single method, according to a variety of indicators or guesses, such as Fibonacci retracement level, integer gates And so on in advance to predict the price will be to a certain point, cashbackforexbtc then in advance at th East forex cashback point to hang a single, the advantage is that once this way successful, will catch the maximum profit of the market, a point is cashback forext spared, and produce a great sense of achievement  2, support resistance into a single method: this is also based on a variety of judgment support resistance, such as the previous support resistance, average support resistance, etc., in advance to predict the price will be In which price level by the support or resistance, and thus into the single way  3, indicators into the single method, according to the form of various indicators to decide to enter the single, such as macd golden cross, RSI overbought oversold, and even a variety of EA intelligent trading program  4, the form into the method, according to a variety of K-line pattern to enter the single, such as large patterns of triangle, head and shoulders, to small patterns of K-line combinations such as stars, hammer line, and upward movement Hammer line, as well as the upward and downward channels, Elliott wave pattern and so on  5, break into the method, after the horizontal or box finishing, break through the horizontal and box the moment to enter the method  6, the sixth sense into the single method, how to enter how to enter, no reason, purely by feeling, novice favorite, veterans also have a sense of the disk to enter the single time  95% of the market Traders into the market is no more than those I listed above, of which 1-5 need more or less technical content, the sixth either very high technical content, or very low technical content, not too much research here  in the financial markets can eventually survive, and can make a living through trading, we call this state of stable profit, stable profit heavy in a stable word, so we are in the establishment of When the trading system, to avoid all aggressive factors, such as grabbing retracement, chasing a single, the left side of the transaction, etc.  do a single rhythm as Tai Chi yin and Yang cycle general, the market unilateral and consolidation is also a cycle relationship after the consolidation is unilateral, unilateral after the consolidation, and even such a statement called horizontal how long, vertical how high so I personally did not choose the first entry method, big drop and big rise After that, most cases are consolidation, even if you grab the highest minimum, but also to go through a long wait  after the plate blocked 100, how to see the market afterwards?   In fact, everyones answer are right, are also not the reason why so, because everyones answer is just a possibility, and these possibilities, are not confirmed by the actual plate for example……  possibility 1: the market breakthrough 100 resistance continue to rise, the formation of N-type   possibility 2: the market continues blocked 100, the formation of M-head, double top   possibility 3, after the breakthrough 100 false breakthrough, just breakthrough and down   even possibility 4: in the resistance level back and forth consolidation oscillation   there are many possibilities……  these possibilities, in fact, is Analysts do the work every day, they will think of all kinds of possibilities, there is always one is right, but we as a trader, the market will only come out of one, to judge which will appear is our job  The reason why we talk about these, is to choose the entry point, must wait to confirm your idea of that signal appears, this confirmation of the signal, is your entry signal, he Maybe a reversal pattern, maybe macd open fork, maybe RSI overbought oversold, and before the confirmation signal appears, your prediction are just guesses, this entry concept, for the choice of friends in the support resistance to enter the field is particularly important Many friends asked me, what is my entry point, here can be slightly revealed, I use the outbreak point entry, before the market broke out About 10 minutes to 30 minutes into the single, so into the benefits of the stop loss can be relatively small, but also do not need to wait a long time to see profits, when the market runs up, I can put the stop loss on the position of the flat protection not to lose, so that even if the market occurred I did not foresee the reversal, I just do not earn not lose  For the entry point of the explanation, if you have no problem, the next on Start talking about the exit  out of the grasp, in fact, in the moment of entry should have a pre-judgment, that is, the cycle mentioned earlier, the daily chart initiated by the unilateral certainly not a day or two to end, at least can also see the daily chart support resistance when 60 minutes blocked, in fact, can ignore the small cycle of the pause, which is why some people take the live single, in the retracement and consolidation came When you can be very calm to continue to hold positions, because they will judge the size of the market (again, with the cycle)   As for the specific exit point grasp, if your entry grasp is good, then the support resistance level, the average support resistance out, you can already do a stable profit! The following content you do not need to see, but, if your goal is not to make money, but the transaction itself, hoping to become a trading master then……  you need to solve such a problem, when you can not see the support resistance (such as a breakthrough of the former high before the low), or between the two support resistance, how to judge the exit, we are in the real time many times will find in the original did not appear support resistance where the formation of new support resistance because it has not yet reached the next resistance, so continue to hold the position should be out, the results of the profit into a flat insurance, or even loss of this problem used to haunt me for a long time, until I solved the problem  Although some of the core content of non-initiated students are not taught, but here as to give you Send a benefit well I use the K-line reversal pattern with reversal pattern is enough to solve this problem in the vast majority of cases  Remember, you are not doing foreign exchange, more so in which currency, and not in the deal  You will ask that do what? Do the opportunity! The trading market is never short of opportunities, the lack of is calmly can grasp the opportunity of people, every day there are many opportunities is to send money trading opportunities, catch it?   Back to the core fundamental, if your trading technology system to ensure that it is possible to profit, why is still not to do stable profit, that should be in these aspects of the problem, what is the impact of you can not calm calm to face the market  One is that you have a lot of practices need to be changed, the other is something in the mindset, no desire is just  For example, you are a single guy, you go to pick up MM The same goes for trading, you always think I want to earn how much how much, or I cant lose, or I cant be wrong, these are not no desires, you have to Enter the state of no I  trading road is also the road of cultivation, these need to slowly upgrade yourself, the premise is to know their own upgrade direction, you want to profit and loss right and wrong without any emotion small money by tired, medium money by wisdom, big money by playing you are playing, there are rules to play, we know that trading is engagement, the market is the battlefield, you once there is profit and loss right and wrong, is there war heart Sun Tzu said A hundred battles and a hundred victories are not the most brilliant, Ghost Valley is also the same point of view, do not fight and give up the army is the most brilliant  You will think, once we do the deal is the war ah, how not to fight? Do not make a deal? Right! You no longer have the mentality of trading, your heart at least to do so, Lao Tzu speaks: no for can be no for, for those who will lose, obsession will lose, is the sage no for so no defeat, no obsession so no loss, you have no ties to those concepts to war, in order to do the spectator  You will ask, how can be considered no war concept to sway themselves, or just mentioned, you do trading seems to have Put down the profit and loss of right and wrong, to reach the real no I, you use their own intention to mirth the market is for, you still have the concept of profit and loss and right and wrong to trade is the executive, many people think Lao Tzu simple in fact is his own simple, most people understand the no for is nothing to do, the real no for meaning is to follow the trend, and not add their own will into  you impose their own will into the guess is Lao Tzu said The person who is for will lose  numb to profit and loss right or wrong it  need time  trading stable profit is difficult  is difficult  but success is not a simple thing, if anyone can simply do, it does not matter success