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Newcomers to the foreign exchange market to teach you four strokes

foreign exchange cashback forex fluctuations, sometimes even many senior speculators can East forex cashback understand the newcomers ready to enter the army of foreign exchange speculation, although theoretically may have been prepared, but really into the actual market, will find the word risk, it seems not as simple as the book said a move: make good use of financial budget, remember not to use the necessary funds for capital want to become a successful foreign exchange cashbackforexbtc If you want to be a successful forex trader, you must first have sufficient investment capital, if there is a Eastforexcashback, it will not affect your life, remember not to use your life funds as capital for trading too much capital pressure, will mislead your investment strategy, increasing the risk of trading, and lead to greater mistakes two moves: make good use of stop-loss orders to reduce risk when you forexcashbackcalculator trade, you should establish a tolerable range of losses, make good use of stop-loss trading, in order not to have a huge loss of losses The range according to the account capital situation, the best set in the account total 3-10%, when the amount of loss has reached your tolerance limit, do not look for excuses to try to throw in the towel, should immediately close the position three moves: learn to thoroughly implement the trading strategy, do not find excuses to overturn the original decision trading the biggest fatal wound is when you (in the loss has expanded when) began to find excuses not to admit to close the position, thinking that the market may turn back in a flash in your In the continuation of this thought, will not have the heart to end this loss continues to expand the position, and will only lose their minds waiting for the market to turn back Please remember a simple rule: do not let the risk exceed the original set tolerable range, once the loss has been set to the original limit, do not hesitate to close the position immediately four strokes: operate with the trend, do not act against the trend to remember the old market general rule: loss parts, to terminate as soon as possible; profit part, can hold for how long, put how long