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K-line technical application (three) - triple top

tri East forex cashbackle top refers to the cashbackforexbtc r forexcashbackcalculatores to a certain height, there have been three peaks high cashback forex of the trend, Eastforexcashback top also known as three zun top principle is the price rises to a certain height, due to profit-taking disc selling pressure, the high point becomes a top, which is the first top when the price falls to a certain low point When the price fell to a certain low point and by the rebound to take over, the price rose again, but rose to a high point near the previous, profit taking short term disk sold, the formation of the second top, when the price fell to a low point near the previous and mentioned by the buying tray, rose to the first two high points near the third by the profit taking disk suppression, the price fell again, the formation of the third top, which constitutes a triple top pattern K-line technical applications (three) --triple top "href="http://7xr63l.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/2017/06/201706233324_7269.png "title="1486972508768505. png "alt="1486972508768505.png "rel="box "class="fancybox"/> After the formation of the triple top, most investors who are long will close their positions here at the same time someone will be short when the third top appears, the two short forces converge, the price will fall down Features: (1) the three top highs should be roughly in the same level, the gap should not be too large triple top of the second top, can not be too high, or the formation of a head and shoulders, the pattern is also a top reversal signal, but the application of the law with the triple top is different (2) triple top pattern of the three tops should be a certain interval between, generally two top interval should reach more than 5 K lines, less than 5 will affect the accuracy of the judgment (3) triple top pattern neckline level is the three tops back when the formation of the two lows of the line, down at least double the vertical distance between the high and low line (4) triple top form must be at a high level, if the low or on the way up, you can not operate according to the triple top form! Triple top is a very credible high reversal pattern, the operation should pay attention to the following two points: a triple top pattern top and neckline level between the volatility is generally larger, you can use the volatility to do the spread, it should be noted that the break line to do more to consider the depth of the first top retracement, if the depth does not reach the effective space for profit (at least 50 points or more), it is best to give up the operation, so as not to catch the chicken counter to lose the rice two to grasp the Triple top pattern of the best shorting point one is the first time after the formation of the third top fell below the neckline when the price of another is the price fell below the neckline soon after the rebound trend, up through the neckline, and then, the price fell below the neckline again when the point three, operation triple top to pay attention to set a good stop-loss point, stop-loss point is the best position is the highest top 3 stop 5 points place, if the price broke through the stop, we must change the direction of operation