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k-line bullish pattern of the morning star

1. features: 1) the first cashback forex, the stock home continued to fall, and due to panic selling a huge negative cashbackforexbtc, the trend is not good.  2) the second day, jumping down, but not much, the entity part is short, forming the main part of the East forex cashback, that can be a negative line can also be positive 3) the third day, a long positive line up, the price recovered most of the lost ground on the first day, the market issued an obvious bullish forexcashbackcalculator.    2. pattern 1) Qiming double star 2) Qiming three stars 3) down jump Qiming star: star line and negative line between the existence of the jump, the day did not fill the gap.  4)Upward jumping star 5)Cross star: the star line is a cross 6)Island reversal star: there is a gap between the star line and the yang line and the yin line 7)Abandoned baby reversal star: the star line is a cross line in the island reversal star ① downward jumping Eastforexcashback star bottoming signal is more accurate than the morning star bottoming signal; ② upward jumping breakthrough gap morning star is more accurate than the morning star bottoming signal; ③ torch star bottom signal than the morning of the bottom signal more accurate; ④ island flip morning star than the morning star bottom signal more accurate   these four special morning star buy signal accuracy rate of nine lives a death 3.  2) the volume of the corresponding enlargement, is an important verification signal 3) cautious investors can be seen as the Qiyi star pattern is a signal, to be effective breakthrough of the stock price downtrend line or other verification signal before taking action.  4. star trap 1) star formation on the third day of pulling the positive line when the volume is not correspondingly enlarged.  2) The fourth day after the formation of the star did not pull out the positive line 3) The stock price fell more than 1/2 of the third day of the positive entity 4) The star has two reference stop-loss points: the first, the third day of the positive line at 1/2, the second, the lowest price of the star.  5. The bottoming signal of the morning star is very clear, note that there must be a bottoming compound language, when you see the special buy signal of the morning star, it is an excellent time to open a position