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Investors should pay attention to matters when drawing trend lines

The so-called cashbackforexbtc East forex cashback forexcashbackcalculator the l Eastforexcashbacke of more than two lows in the rising market and the line of more than two highs in the falling market, the former is known as the rising trend line, the latter is known as the falling trend line rising trend line function is to show the rising support level of the cashback forex rate, once the exchange rate in the process of fluctuations below this line, it means that the market may be reversed, from up Down trend line function is to show that the currency price down in the process of rebound resistance, once the exchange rate in the fluctuation up break through this line, it means that the exchange rate may stop falling back up Investors should pay attention to the following points when drawing trend lines: 1. trend line according to the length of time fluctuations in the exchange rate is divided into long-term trend lines, medium-term trend lines and short-term trend lines, long-term trend lines should choose long-term fluctuation points as the drawing line Based on the medium-term trend line is the medium-term fluctuation point of the line, while the short-term trend line is recommended to use the 30-minute or 60-minute K-line chart of the fluctuation point for the line 2. drawing trend line should try to draw a different experimental line, to be changed after a period of time, to retain the trend line after verification to reflect the trend of fluctuations, with analytical significance 3. trend line correction to the uptrend line correction, for example, when the exchange rate After falling below the rising trend line there is a rapid return to the trend line above, should be used to connect one of the original lows with the new low, to get a revised new rising trend line, can more accurately reflect the trend of the exchange rate 4. trend line should not be too steep, otherwise it is easy to be broken by the horizontal finishing, the loss of analytical significance In the study and judgment of the trend line, should beware of large investment institutions use the trend line to make the trap in general, in The exchange rate did not break through the trend line before, the rising trend line is the support of each decline, the falling trend line is the resistance of the exchange rate every time the recovery of the exchange rate breakthrough trend line, the closing price and the trend line has more than 1% of the difference in price