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How to make money speculating in foreign exchange

for speculation cashback forex foreign exchange, there are larger d East forex cashbackposable funds friends, choose to speculate in foreign exchange as a means of investment is the wisest choice, so how can we avoid the risk of earning money? A, understand the advantages of foreign exchange 1, investment period: 24 hours a day forexcashbackcalculator, T + 0, the day you buy can be sold the same day; 2, investment returns: up and down there are opportunities for revenue, more lucrative, a single trading day has more than double the possibility of profit; 3, easy to trade: quick realization, instant trading, 100% transaction, flexible funds, at any time you can extract funds; 4, flexibility: two-way unlimited trading. More opportunities for profit; 5, high transparency: all quotes, data and news are public; 6, the global Eastforexcashback, more than 4 trillion U.S. dollars daily turnover, cashbackforexbtc subject to manipulation by the dealer; 7, technical analysis: the ball daily trading volume of more than 4 trillion U.S. dollars, not subject to artificial change, the most reliable; 8, the amount of investment: there is no limit, according to personal circumstances, it is recommended that 2000-3000 U.S. dollars (of course, the minimum of 250 U.S. dollars 9, the degree of risk: the risk is smaller than the real and forward, but the control is perfect, there are limits, stop-loss protection II, Notes 1, each time you enter the market trading, losses should not exceed one tenth of the trading capital. 2, always cast a stop loss level. 3, never over reason trading. 4, never let the position held by the plate to turn a profit into a loss. 5, do not go against the market. 6, there is doubt, that is, to close the position. 7、Only buy and sell in the active market. 8、Never enter or leave the market at the price limit. To buy and sell in the market.9. If there is no proper reason. Do not close out your position. You can set a stop loss level. 10、After a winning streak in the market. 10, after a winning streak in the market. part of the profits can be withdrawn for emergency needs. 11, speculation should not only hope to collect interest. 12, trading incurring losses, do not increase the size. 13, do not enter the market because of impatience, and do not close positions because of impatience. 14, willing to lose rather than win. Do not. For speculation in foreign exchange, making money is certain that any investment has a certain degree of profitability, but investment is bound to be accompanied by the existence of risk, so to remind the majority of people is that when speculating in foreign exchange to make money should also pay attention to avoid the existence of its riskiness