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How to face trading dilemmas

&nb Eastforexcashbackp; Counter-trends, frequent operations or heavy positions are common reasons why cashback forex get forexcashbackcalculatorto trouble TheFuturesGame book says: The best way for a trader to self-destruct East forex cashback to invest too much money (or frequent uncontrolled trading) so that he or she cant get out of a bad deal or series of bad deals that cause trouble In an oscillating market, traders are often guilty of chasing the ups cashbackforexbtc downs, especially in the middle and late stages of a trend, when they are uncertain about the continuation of the market trend and think that every short upward or downward movement is the beginning of a new trend. In the trend market, the easiest way to put investors in trouble is to operate against the trend Many investors in the wrong direction, but still against the trend to increase the code, waiting for a pullback when the old capital can be when the price pullback, they began to hope that the market can turn the trend, so that they pick up a chance to fall into the pie in the sky All these things, all let The trader is in a difficult situation, but some traders are in a difficult situation, but still have a high morale, they want to fight with the market with their limited funds, the final outcome of such traders can only be the death of the fish, but rarely the result of the net broken as long as trading repeatedly loss or position floating loss continues to expand, should make the judgment of trading in a difficult situation into a difficult situation, traders do not have to be overly chagrined, the world does not always win the general, and there is no soldier who does not defeat. The most important thing to do is to try to get out of the situation. Many investors like to take the approach of locking their positions to solve their urgent problems, but this approach is essentially to maintain the original error while starting a new transaction. The most basic thing is to stop opening new positions, which is the only way to get out of the dilemma caused by frequent trading and for traders who are in trouble due to counter-trend operations, the first thing they should do is to reduce their positions, only by taking this step can they save themselves and avoid the doom of total destruction. The remaining positions can be treated as a new trade and a new stop loss can be set up for these positions, and all positions can be liquidated after a price correction or a new stop loss is triggered. The process of getting out of a difficult situation is difficult and complex, and being able to face it positively and get out of it in a planned manner is a sign of a traders maturity. The most important thing is to be able to take advantage of the market in order to better participate in it