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Introduction Fundamentals refers to the cashback forex of macroeconomics, forexcashbackcalculatordustry cashbackforexbtc the basic situation of the company, including the analysis of the companys business philosophy strategy, company statements, etc. It includes the macroeconomic operating trend and the basic situation of the listed company Macroeconomic operating trend reflects the overall operating performance of the listed company, and also sets the background for the further development of the listed company, so the macroeconomy and the listed company and the corresponding stock price have The fundamentals of listed companies include financial status, profitability, Eastforexcashback share, management system, talent composition and other aspects 1, analysis of the position of investors on the fundamental analysis of the currency market and the stock market is different from the fundamental analysis of the stock market, in addition to the evaluation of the macro national economic policy, but also the relevant financing strategy introduced by the enterprise, dividend distribution policy, operating conditions, etc. Analysis in order to arrive at the trend of stock price changes due to changes in exchange rates is the result of changes in the overall economic situation between the two countries, so in the analysis of the currency market, investors should analyze the political and economic situation of the country as a whole, that is, macro, and abandon the analysis of the microeconomic situation 2, analysis of economic data investors on the foreign exchange trend of fundamental analysis, is the analysis of a series of economic data of the country different Different countries and foreign exchange rate changes linked to the economic data is not the same should master the name of the data of each countrys fundamentals and the impact of changes in these data on the exchange rate investors face a large number of data, not every one of them requires analysis, investors should learn to find the hot spots in the market according to the current world political and economic situation, from fragmented news and data in the analysis of the fundamentals, the main Analysis of these market hotspots can be but investors should note that the hotspots in the market is not fixed, with the political and economic environment changes, hotspots will also change with the change For example, the United States has always valued the trade deficit, in todays interest rates can attract foreign capital inflows, the impact on the dollar is not as strong as it was some time ago 3, the hotspot issues now Different countries we are concerned about For example, in the United States, investors should pay attention to the trend of interest rates (currently the United States is in the interest rate hike cycle, the pace of the impact of the dollar), trade deficit, employment reports, capital inflows, quarterly GDP, etc., the United Kingdom should pay attention to the inflation rate and expectations of interest rate cuts, the euro zone should pay attention to the economic growth rate of the euro zone, price index, etc., Japan should pay attention to economic growth, the appreciation of the yuan In addition, we should also pay attention to some information in the world, including the oil price issue, the situation in Taiwan Strait, the North Korea nuclear issue, etc. Fundamentals - Important Factors Affecting Fundamental Analysis Economic Factors (1) Macroeconomic conditions In the long term and fundamentally, the stock market trends and changes are determined by a countrys level of economic development and economic boom, and stock market price fluctuations also reflect, to a large extent, the Changes in macroeconomic conditions from the historical trends of foreign securities markets is not difficult to find, the stock market trends largely coincide with the economic cycle in the economic boom, the business conditions of enterprises, more profits, its stock prices are also rising economic downturn, corporate income decreased, profits fell, will also lead to its stock prices continue to fall but the stock market trends and economic cycle line in time is not Usually, the stock market changes ahead of time, so the stock market price is called a macroeconomic barometer of the economic cycle, the countrys financial situation, the financial environment, the balance of payments, changes in the economic status of the industry, the adjustment of the national exchange rate, will affect the sinking or floating of the stock price The economic cycle is an economic fluctuation caused by the inherent contradictions of economic operation, which is an objective law that does not depend on peoples will The stock market is directly affected by the economic situation and will certainly show a cyclical fluctuation When the economy is in recession, the stock market is bound to fall; when the economy is recovering and prosperous, the stock price will rise or show a firm upward trend According to past experience, the stock market is often a barometer of the economic situation (2) Interest rate level The state tightens the money, the market is short of funds, interest rates are adjusted upward in the impact of stock Among the many factors that affect the stock market trend, interest rate is a relatively sensitive factor Generally speaking, the state tightens the money, the market is short of funds, and the interest rate increases, which may attract part of the funds to the bank savings system, thus feeding the amount of funds in the stock market and causing a certain impact on the stock price At the same time, as the interest rate rises, the business operating costs increase and profits decrease, which will correspondingly cause the stock price to fall. In the meantime, as interest rates decrease, people may invest more funds in the stock market out of the inherent need to preserve and increase value, thus stimulating the rise of stock prices At the same time, as interest rates decrease, the operating costs of enterprises decrease and profits increase, also correspondingly prompting stock prices to rise The financial environment is relaxed, the market is well funded, interest rates fall, the deposit reserve ratio is lowered, many lending funds will shift from banks to the stock market, and stock prices tend to (3) inflation countrys financial situation of a large inflation, stock prices will sink, while fiscal spending increases, stock prices will rise this factor on the stock market trends have advantages and disadvantages, both to stimulate the role of the market, but also to suppress the role of the market, but in general is more harm than good, it will promote the stock market bubble component increased in the early stages of inflation, because the currency with the help of should increase will stimulate production and But when inflation reaches a certain level, it will drive up interest rates, which will drive down stock prices. These factors can have a huge and sudden impact on the stock price, such as the international political situation, political events, relations between countries, changes in important political leaders, wars between countries, labor disputes or even strikes in some countries, etc. This is also an important aspect of the fundamentals that should be considered. For a specific stock, the main factors affecting its price are the intrinsic quality of the company itself, including financial condition, operation, management, technical ability, market size, industry characteristics, development potential and a series of other factors Industry factors Industry in The change of the status of the industry in the national economy, the development prospect and potential of the industry, the impact induced by the emerging industry, etc., as well as the position of the listed company in the industry, business performance, operating conditions, changes in the capital portfolio and personnel changes in the leadership will affect the price of the relevant stocks Market factors The movement of investors, the intention and manipulation of large investors, the cooperation or mutual shareholding between companies, credit transactions and futures transactions Increase or decrease, speculators arbitrage, the companys capital increase and the amount of capital increase, etc., may have a large impact on the stock price Psychological factors Investors are affected by various aspects of the psychological state changes, often leading to emotional fluctuations, errors in judgment, to make blindly follow the big investors, throwing rush behavior, which is often also an important factor causing the stock price to fall sharply Fundamental analysis and technical analysis (1) Fundamental analysis is the analysis of the causes of stock market fluctuations Fundamental analysis to understand the reasons and causes of stock market fluctuations, so it is necessary to study the various factors and analyze what direction they have on the stock market impact If the stock market trend down, fundamental analysis must make a reasonable analysis of the recent stock market supply and demand and factors affecting, and indicate the overall direction of the stock market and the direction of individual stock fluctuations Thus, it can be seen that Investors can use fundamental analysis to solve the problem of buying and selling “ what ” to correct the distorted information that technical analysis may provide Because technical analysis focuses on short term quantitative analysis, it is likely to appear “ only see the trees, not the forest ” phenomenon For example, when a certain stock price climbs continuously, the technical indicators also show a buy signal, if the basic situation of the issuer is not much obvious change, then investors need to be cautious, because the rise of the stock is likely to be the result of manipulation of the main capital, in the main capital to raise the stock price to a certain predetermined target, they will retreat in order to arbitrage speculative profits, especially in an immature stock market like China, such “ traps &rdquo. (2) Fundamental analysis is a qualitative analysis In the process of fundamental analysis, although the main economic indicators involved in the quantitative aspects, but the degree of impact of these indicators on the stock market is difficult to quantify, only their impact on the direction of the stock market to qualitative For example, when the relevant departments announced a point in time For example, when the authorities announce that the unemployment rate has fallen by two percentage points at a certain point in time, fundamental analysis cannot specify the quantitative relationship between the rise and fall of the stock index and these two percentage points, but can only make a general judgment about the direction of the stock markets impact on the unemployment rate, which indicates that the economy is transforming to a certain extent for the better. (3) Fundamental analysis is a long-term investment analysis The second characteristic of fundamental analysis determines that it is a long-term investment analysis tool, not a short-term investment analysis tool, because fundamental analysis focuses on the judgment of the general trend. The factors examined in the analysis are mostly macro and meso factors, which have a far-reaching impact on the stock market, and the conclusions drawn from this analysis are naturally forward-looking. Long-term investment has a certain guiding significance, according to which the investment is aimed at long-term returns and share the fruits of overall economic growth, rather than short-term speculative gains short term speculators are mainly technical analysis tools, its success in the stock market, to a large extent depends on the insight and action of speculators from long-term practice, it is difficult to get in and out of the stock market to get a good profit small and medium-sized Retail investors are not easy to rely on & ldquo; grab the number of points & rdquo; win, they average down to a tie would be good, numerous times is a loss out of the field and rely on fundamental analysis of people engaged in long-term investment, after deciding to invest in a certain stock, will be in a considerable period of time to put money on this stock, in order to seek the long-term gains brought about by the stock only when the macroeconomic situation has changed or the The advantages of fundamental analysis are that it can grasp the direction of the stock market more accurately and provide a basis for investors to engage in long-term investment decisions, while its disadvantage is that the analysis time effect is long, it is difficult to make accurate judgments about the specific time of entry into the market, to solve this problem, but also rely on the assistance of technical analysis Therefore, fundamental analysis is only applicable to the study of the general trend Therefore, fundamental analysis is only applicable to the general trend of the study, but not for the determination of the specific time to enter the market