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Forex trading has six advantages over other investments

T East forex cashbackading Forex instead of futures or stocks has many different advantages, such as: 1. Low forexcashbackcalculator Like futures cashbackforexbtc stock speculation, Forex traders are able to control a large amount of money by depositing a small amount of margin. However, margin requirements for trading futures are usually about 5% of the entire holding, or 50% of the total value of the stock, while margin requirements for foreign exchange are about 1%. For example, the margin requirement for trading Forex Eastforexcashback $1,000 per $100,000. This means that to trade Forex, the current trader can use 5 times more money than a futures trader, or 50 times more money than a stock trader. When you trade on margin, it can be a very profitable way to build an investment strategy, but it is also very important that you take the time to understand the risks involved. You should make sure that you fully understand how margin accounts work. You cashback forex need to make sure you have read the margin agreement between you and your broker. If you have any questions you will need to speak with your account representative. Positions held in your account may be partially or fully liquidated due to the available margin in your account falling below a predetermined amount. You will not be able to get a margin call until your position has been liquidated or you have a margin replenishment. For this reason, you need to constantly monitor your margin balance and use stop orders to limit your risk. 2. Trading Forex, on the other hand, has the advantage of no commissions. This is quite good for you. Currency trading is a global central bank market that allows buyers and sellers to have their orders automatically matched. Even though you dont have to pay a brokerage fee to match buyers and sellers, the spreads are usually higher than when you are trading futures. For example, if you are trading the JY/USD currency team, the spread on a forex trade is 3 pips (worth $30). Trading JY futures is about a 1 pip spread (worth $10) but you will also be charged a brokers commission. This price will likely be less than $10 for your own access to online trading, or up to $50 for full service trading fees. However, all are included. You will be able to compare out online forex with a certain type of futures to see which commission is higher. 3. For example, if you think the prices of live cattle will continue their upward trend in December 2003, before mad cow disease is discovered. The prices then take a dramatic turn for the worse and fall very much in a few days. You will not be able to leave your position and this could result in a total loss of your account. As prices continue to fall, you will be obligated to deposit more funds to fill your account deficit. 4. Forex orders expire every two days and you need to roll over each order to ensure that you hold your order. 5. 24-hour market trading futures, you are usually limited to trading with the market open for a few hours each day. If a major event occurs when the market is closed, you will have no way to leave knowing that the market is reopening, which can take many hours. Forex, on the other hand, is a 24/5 market. It starts in New York and follows the sun as it cycles the earth through Europe, Asia, Australia and back again to the United States. You can trade any time from Monday to Friday.6. Free Market Forex is perhaps the largest market in the world. The daily turnover amounts to US$1.4 trillion. Thats 46 times more than all futures markets combined! A huge number of people around the world trade foreign exchange, and even governments have a hard time controlling the price of their own currency.