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Foreign exchange twice the painful experience of bursting

cashback forex fact, the first time East forex cashback came into contact with margin trading, I decided that th cashbackforexbtc is forexcashbackcalculator lifes work I am not afraid of suffering, I began to read books, began to learn, the first time I put 10,000 entry to buy the first is a very small amount of EURUSD, when the heart jumped to the throat, because I think this symbolizes the beginning of my new life results is the Friday of that week burst position, a new life This is the end of my what theory did not go to practice, I was gambling, gambling I dizzy, gambling I sleepless nights money lost the day I had a fever of 40 degrees, called an ambulance, played a night IV I am not good at smoking, not good at gambling, but also a good beauty, I think I do things steady, so do the market is no problem but I was touching the mouse is gambling, first with big money to gamble on small money, then big money to gamble on big money. Finally, the more you gamble with small money on big money, the more you gamble, the more you dont have a chance to win, the more you gamble on the more you gamble, the sicker you are, the more you can enter the next stage of the second stage of the pursuit of probability, has been using a small percentage of funds to pursue high probability opportunities If you want to win fast, you must artificially increase the chance factor so I was planning to develop automated trading, so that you can observe multiple markets at the same time when you were still studying, reading 500 credits of classes. At that time, there was a course is FINANCIALMODELING in fact, FINANCIALMODELING, to be frank, nothing special, is the use of computer programs to inject "hypothetical" life into finance, even ACCOUNTING can also do automated models, nothing profound I used to college I used to study programming language Eastforexcashback algorithms in my sophomore year, and have the help of a good friend who studied computer graduate school, so it is not difficult to get a MODELING accounted for 40%, it is also worth the effort I simply made a 5-minute average cross-trading system, statistical theory analysis of automated entry and manual exit I do not know what the regular companys automated trading is, anyway, with my understanding at the time this is similar to automation Statistical results are excellent, so the high hopes of using the use of the system soon is also the time of my second burst, is the system burst burst is the best teacher, not only burst, but also disabled the mind, raping the belief What is the devil, the devil is to destroy in order to destroy; what is God, God is to be reborn and destroyed so in your money, ideas and beliefs are destroyed, the devil and God come to you at the same time, who do you choose? I no longer touch anything automated because I want to follow God that system later gave my lecturer to go, he had to know how to use it, do not know what he hit, I gave him the program and left myself a sarcastic beautiful statistical results as a memento of my second burst I do not like my teacher because he scored my MODELING very low because he had not seen such MODELING, but curious so I recommended my system to him, hoping that my system can go to burst his position after a year, I lost the backbone, I worshiped the teacher to seek the art I followed a predecessor who did trend operations, because the trend is very reputation and mass base I followed a predecessor who did quantitative operations, because he was able to verify that in the ultra-short he repeatedly operated at the inflection point I followed a predecessor who did not operate anything Because I can feel the presence of his energy, as long as I communicate with him, I seem to be warmed up to now, large and small operations no less than a thousand times I am different from others is that almost every time I have the purpose of trying, summarizing, and verification from the learning process, can also be divided into three stages: - the first stage for learning and increasingly, is the stage of learning, the most when the table is full of 78 books on the floor are The second stage for the road and the daily loss, is the refinement of the stage, the books on the table one by one back to the bookcase, rare will flip again - the third stage is the loss of loss, is the experience of all up to the stage of experience, I only do, in the experience of the market, in the summary of experience Author: Big Dipper