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Foreign exchange trading fifteen laws

a, idle money speculation, profit fighting law your money must Eastforexcashback money that can be used for speculation, is you lose after cashback forex care about the idle money! Not the money used to maintain your basic livelihood security, not to mention the money you borrowed! Investment, do not use other funds or property, if it is with living expenses speculation foreign exchange, from the mind may be due to more attachment East forex cashback can not make a cashbackforexbtc trend judgment, ultimately leading to speculative failure II, calm operation, emotional control law do single moment, you must calmly control their own manipulation emotions, for the sudden changes in the market, to calmly respond, careful analysis, or will be due to their indecisive, missed opportunities, suffered losses three, small to large, heavy wrestling short rule novice forexcashbackcalculator is appropriate to start with small transactions, from 0.1 lots to start trading varieties should choose the price fluctuations of the yen, the Australian dollar and other varieties of trading, through their own non-stop trading gradually grasp the laws of trade and accumulated experience if out of impulse to implement a heavy position, should also be wrestling short term thinking and so their experience gradually rich, trading Skills continue to mature, only to increase the size of the transaction, and choose the price fluctuations of the species, such as the pound, crude oil, gold, etc. to trade four, light positions, the law of price protection each time the amount of single do not be too large! Generally use 1/5 of the funds to open a position, I suggest: generally 1000 U.S. dollars 0.1, 2000 U.S. dollars 0.2 is possible but, after making a single must pay attention to the use of the implementation of price protection must set a stop-loss and stop-win! Do not set stop-loss and stop-win people, will eventually be eliminated from the market, the feeling of being T out of the market will always be engraved in your helpless sigh five, avoid impulsive trading, the law of quick success trading should not enter the market according to their own subjective wishes, the principle of trading do not always use I think, I thought, I think and other subjective judgment methods to respect the market, the market how to go, how you do profitable investors will generally be their own emotions and Trading activities are strictly separated, so as not to market trends and personal wishes to the contrary and suffer losses six, plan to trade, trading plan law operating strategy decisions are made when you are most awake, do not change the original trading plan and modify your stop-loss and stop-win because of changes in the market seven, learn to wait, wait and see cut the law of daily trading not only increases the probability of investment errors, and may be too close to the market due to The investors should sit on the wall and watch the market trend judgment lack of sufficient confidence, know patience and self-control, in order to wait for the time to re-enter the market and entry point eight, the trend is clear, with the flow of the law from the past forex trading day chart shows that the trend is obvious when it may be When the reversal occurs because, most peoples views are often wrong, the market to make money is generally a minority, when the vast majority of people bullish, perhaps the market has reached the top, when the vast majority of people bearish, perhaps the market has reached the bottom Therefore, the market trend to make an independent analysis and judgment, sometimes the opposite, often to achieve profit in the foreign exchange market, there is a saying that needs to be repeatedly experienced and speculated on. I do not easily let other peoples opinions sway your thinking, once your own trading system signals, must be bold, do not easily change the trading plan easily change will make your judgment of the direction of the general trend wavering and missed opportunities 10, active currencies, the law of instantaneous stare always to trade the most active currencies in the market, always in the most active market The most active time period trading, always in your mind the most active time to make trading choices because, active trading, liquidity of the currency spread is small, open and close positions are also very smooth 11, price breakthrough, bold trading law foreign exchange prices in a period of breakthrough consolidation trend or limit position, should be bold to buy and sell transactions when the price effectively break through the last trading day, last weeks trading, last months trading highs and lows. Generally indicates the formation of a new trend once the new trend should be found on the spot, bold trading, do not miss the opportunity because once the trend is formed, on then on again, under then again under more do not easily guess the top and bottom of the foreign exchange market, because the foreign exchange rate simply does not (and never has been) the concept of top and bottom! Twelve, the tower type plus size, loss single broken arm law when your single has a win, you want to add positions must be added according to the pyramid way plus size on the contrary, if it is a loss single, the wrong direction to do, never add single directional error, must immediately pull out the sword, the implementation of the law of the hero broken arm, immediately wield the knife to break the arm because, when your hand is bitten by the crocodile, all the help move is futile thirteen, winnings accumulate, windfall out Law when your position has a small profit, and the market suddenly uncertain direction, should be appropriate to accumulate profits, out of the game to wait and see when your position suddenly in a short period of time with windfall profits, should immediately consider how to get out, otherwise the market reversal speed is also very fast 14, ready to fail, rise again law of foreign exchange margin is a high-risk, high-profit investment, windfall profits are accompanied by explosive losses do not be accidental a Failure and a complete loss of confidence in themselves, the market, but should learn a lesson, accumulate experience, to have free money, when the old experience, to rise again, a comeback! Fifteen, good when the air force, often empty less law novice must learn to be an air force novice because many people are used to doing stocks, like to do more at low because of the existence of a buyers market in the commodity market, prices often fall than prices rise to come more severe direct price rise as if monkey jump, the potential as the pan dragon take off prices fall as if lightning, the potential as the enlightenment more because, the essential properties of the decline in the number of changes in the $ 20 stock fell 10% is 18 yuan, 18 yuan of stock up 10% is 19.8 yuan, it can not go back to the!