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Foreign exchange trading 21 laws

in the futures forexcashbackcalculator, foreign exchange margin risk market, the ultimate winner to develop good habits in order to win This is my own self-discipline a few years ago, through repeated cashbackforexbtc failures after the burst, the formation of self-discipline cashback forex law one: make friends with trading winners, learn the true meaning of top trading law two: respect the market, respect the trend repeatedly know your trading system, trading system does Eastforexcashback Send a signal, resolutely do not open a position law three: do the most stable market, do trade the most active time period of the market, do their own most understand the market law four: before opening a position, you must ask yourself three times: I am greedy? Greed means loss once you do the right implementation of the law of price protection, once done wrong immediately implement the law of the crocodile (is the law of the heros broken arm) East forex cashback 5: Before opening a position, set a good initial stop never change, because that is the decision made after opening a sober and prudent position after opening a position, set a good trailing stop and keep an eye on the stop point Rule 6: Unless the sea is dry, the sky is dead, determined not to reposition Rule 7: their own Once the closing signal of the trading system, immediately close the position, never hesitate, never regret Law 8: independent thinking, do not discuss the market, do not pry news, do not listen to rumors Law 9: Do not communicate with newcomers, losers, retail investors Law 10: The only trustworthy only their familiar trading system signals issued by Law 11: Keep an eye on a variety or a variety of signals being issued Law 12: The most recent 3 times the most failed transactions posted in front of the monitor, always reflect and remind themselves Rule XIII: focus on a time period price trend Rule XIV: forget how they won yesterday Rule XV: the mistakes made in the trading process to immediately self-punishment Rule XVI: the foreign exchange market learning never ends, read more good books, a classic book every week, the real-life treasures, the master blog, to study repeatedly Rule XVII: Saturday and Sunday must be trading review, always pay attention to their own money graph, summarize the lessons of success and failure Rule XVIII: Chinese Middle Way style of participation in foreign exchange, with Laozi Wuwei and the idea of worship market Rule XIX: the speaker does not know, the knowledge is not said, learn to feel alone Rule XX: early to bed and early to rise, exercise fatigue stare at the plate, judgment set bias Rule XXI: life is good The, than forex trading important things have many, learn to be happy, learn to love family, love life (forex academy  www.waihuibang.com/fxschool/)