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Foreign exchange sales

Selling East forex cashback forexcashbackcalculator (exchangesurrendering) What is the sale of foreign exchange The sale of foreign exchange refers to the foreign exchange designated bank will sell foreign exchange to foreign exchange users, cashbackforexbtc according to the transaction occurred on the date of the RMB exchange rate to receive the equivalent value of the act of foreign exchange sales business Introduction A, domestic institutions of the following trade and non-trade business Eastforexcashback foreign exchange payments, with the payment method corresponding to the valid commercial documents and listed (a) the implementation of the cashback forex quota management or import management of specific products imported goods, with the relevant departments issued by the license or import certificate and the corresponding import contract; (b) the implementation of automatic registration system for the import of goods, with the corresponding registration documents and import contracts; (c) in addition to the above two, the import of other goods in line with national import management regulations, with the import contract (c) in addition to the above (a) to (c) under the import of the advance payment (within the prescribed proportion), the opening deposit, the final payment, transportation, insurance and ancillary costs and under the export of commissions (within the prescribed proportion), transportation, insurance and ancillary costs, with (a) to (c) the provisions of the valid vouchers or relevant approval documents; (d) from the bonded area, bonded warehouse to purchase goods and the purchase of foreign entry exhibition exhibits (e) the import of patents, copyrights, trademarks, computer software and other intangible assets, with the import contract or agreement; (f) foreign exchange refunds under the export of foreign exchange, with the water bill of settlement, claims agreement, proof of claims and proof of refund; (g) overseas contracted projects required to bid for the tender documents, performance bonds and advances to the project with the (2) The following trade and non-trade operational foreign payments of domestic institutions, foreign exchange designated banks with the payment list proposed by the user to pay first, after verification: (1) import processing production of re-export commodities, with the foreign trade and economic cooperation departments approved by the import processing contract; (2) the State Council approved the import of duty-free goods companies operating in accordance with the scope of duty-free goods; (3) civil aviation, shipping, railway departments ( (d) civil aviation, maritime transport, railway departments (agencies) to pay international operators meals, allowances and subsidies (e) post and telecommunications departments to pay for international postal and telecommunications services (c) domestic institutions to make the following trade and non-trade operational foreign payments, holding the foreign exchange bureau (1) more than the prescribed percentage of prepayments, commissions; (2) re-export trade under the first payment after receipt of foreign payments D. Non-trade non-operational use of foreign exchange within the financial budget of institutions, public institutions and social organizations, in accordance with the "Interim Provisions on Financial Management of Non-trade Non-operational Foreign Exchange" V. The following non-operational use of foreign exchange by domestic institutions outside the financial budget. (a) foreign exchange for holding exhibitions, investment, training and filming outside the country; (b) foreign publicity, foreign aid, foreign donations, membership fees of international organizations, registration fees and registration fees for international conferences; (c) start-up costs and funds for the establishment of representative offices or offices outside the country; (d) foreign examination fees paid by the State Education Commissions Foreign Examination Coordination Center (5) Other non-business use of foreign exchange (6) The following non-trade non-business use of foreign exchange by individuals shall be redeemed by the designated foreign exchange banks authorized by the Bureau of Foreign Exchange in accordance with the relevant provisions: (1) foreign experts employed to work in domestic institutions to receive RMB wages, living expenses and severance allowance fees to be exchanged (4) Individuals who are domestic residents from abroad mail purchase a small amount of drugs, medical appliances and other special foreign exchange. (2) domestic foreign exchange guarantee performance of foreign exchange, with the guarantee contract and creditor payment notice; (3) approved by the State to pay dividends in foreign currency, with the resolution of the Board of Directors to distribute profits and tax certificates. (1) Repayment of foreign debt and foreign exchange (transfer) loan principal and interest, fees, with the "Foreign Debt Registration Certificate" or "Foreign Exchange (transfer) Loan Registration Certificate" and the notice of principal and interest repayment from the creditor institution; (2) Foreign exchange for performance of foreign exchange guarantee, with the guarantee contract, the "Foreign Exchange Guarantee Registration Certificate" issued by the Foreign Exchange Bureau and the notice of payment from the foreign institution; (3) Foreign investment funds remittance, with the approval documents of the project approval department and the investment contract; (4) Chinese investors of foreign-invested enterprises with the (4) For the registered capital of a foreign-invested enterprise that is approved to be invested in foreign currency, the approved documents and contract of the project approval department shall be submitted to the Foreign Exchange Bureau for remittance. Foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who are temporarily in China can exchange their unused RMB for foreign currency with their passports and original exchange slips (valid for 6 months) and take them out of China.