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Foreign exchange investment undefeated trick

using the stupidity of the market, regular East forex cashback habits, especially good habits, although cashback forex easy to develop, but for the ultimate purpose of our investment profit, we must do the following 23 forexcashbackcalculator habits of investment cashbackforexbtc a lot of investment gurus coincidentally formed and adhere to maintain, it is also these investment habits that guide them step by step to the Forbes rich The chart 1, if you do not know when to say yes, then always say no. Winning habits: do not do not meet your standard investment investment guru: never do not meet its standard investment can easily say no to anything? No? Failed investors: No standards, or adopt someone elses standards cant say no to their own greed? No? .2, with their own investment standards consider the light apparatus to observe the world of investment winning habits: their own research investment guru: constantly looking for new investment opportunities that meet Eastforexcashback standards, active independent research and study only willing to listen to those he has good reason to respect the views of investors or analysts failed investors: always looking for the kind that will make him rich overnight? absolutely? good opportunities, so often follows the hot news of the month always listens to some other so-called? expert? s advice rarely buy again before in-depth study of an investment object his investigation is from brokers and advisers or yesterdays newspaper to get the latest hot news 3, if there is nothing to do, then do nothing winning habits: have unlimited patience investment guru: when he can not find an investment opportunity that meets his criteria, he will wait patiently until he finds the opportunity failed investors: at all times must be in market to take action 4, knock on the trigger winning habit: immediate action investment guru: immediately after making a decision failed investor: hesitant 5, know when to sell before buying winning habit: hold a winning investment until a predetermined exit condition is established investment guru: hold a winning investment until a predetermined exit condition is established failed investor: rarely have a predetermined exit The law is often worried about small profits will turn into losses and rush off, so often miss big profits 6, never doubt your system winning habits: firm compliance with your system investment guru: firm compliance with his own system failed investors: always? doubt? own system? If he has a system then change the criteria and? position? 7. Admit mistakes Winning Habit: Admit your mistakes and correct them immediately Investment Guru: Know that you can also make mistakes and correct them instantly when you find them, so you rarely suffer big losses Failed Investor: Cant bear to give up losing money on investments, hoping for ? No loss, no gain? The result is often suffered huge losses 8, learning from mistakes winning habits: turn mistakes into experience investment gurus: see mistakes as opportunities to learn failed investors: never stick to a method long enough, and therefore never know how to improve a method 9, the desire alone is useless winning habits: pay tuition investment gurus: with the accumulation of experience, his returns are getting more? Now he seems to be able to make more money in less time because he has ? paid his tuition? Failed investor: didnt know? pay the tuition? is necessary and normal if you can have professional guidance or team services more can reduce their own investment risk by learning by doing, avoid repeating the same mistakes 10, silence is golden winning habit: never talk about what you are doing investment guru: almost never say to anyone what he is doing to others how to evaluate his investment decisions not interested and do not care about the failed investor: always in talking about his current investments, based on other peoples opinions rather than changes in reality to? test? His decisions 11, the art of delegating winning habits: know how to use people investment guru: has successfully delegated most tasks to others failed investor: the method of selecting investment advisors and managers is the same as the method he uses to make investment decisions (refer to Article 17) 12, no matter how much money you have, spend less winning habits: live frugally investment guru: spends far less than he earns failed Investors: it is possible to spend more money than he earned 13, money is only a by-product winning habits: work is not related to money investment guru: work is for the excitement and self-fulfillment, not for money failed investors: to make money as the goal: that investment is a shortcut to wealth 14, professional master winning habits: love what you do, do not love what you have investment guru: fascinated by the process of investment and get from it satisfied; can easily get rid of any individual investment object failed investor: fell in love with his investment object 15, this is your life winning habit: 24 hours without leaving the investment investment master: 24 hours without leaving the investment failed investor: did not do his best to achieve his investment goal (even if he knows what his goal is) 16, eat your own cooking winning habit: invested your property investment master For example, Warren Buffetts net worth is 99% of his assets. Warren Buffetts net worth is 99% of the shares of Berkshire Hathaway, George? Soros also put most of his fortune into quantum funds their personal interests and those who entrusted them with their money is fully consistent with the 17, preserve existing wealth winning habits: preserve capital is always the first investment guru: believe that the most important thing is always to preserve capital, which is the cornerstone of his investment strategy failed investors: for one of the investment goal is to make a lot of money as a result, he often even the capital 18, the investment gurus do not risk? Winning habits: trying to avoid risk investment guru: as a result of habit one, he is risk averse failed investors: think that the only way to make big money is to take big risks 19, the market is always wrong winning habits: develop your own investment philosophy investment guru: he has his own investment philosophy, this philosophy is the expression of his personality, ability, knowledge, taste and goals Therefore, any two extremely successful investors are A failed investor: has no investment philosophy, or believes in someone elses investment philosophy 20. adopted someone elses system (if the system does not work for him, he will adopt another system that still does not work for him) 21, concentrated in a few investment objects winning habits: diversification is ridiculous investment guru: think diversification is ridiculous failure of the investor: no confidence in holding a large position in any one investment object 22, save a penny is equal to earn a dollar winning habits: focus on after-tax Income investment guru: hate to pay taxes and other transaction costs, cleverly arranged his actions to legally achieve tax minimization failed investors: ignore or do not pay attention to the impact of taxes and other transaction costs on long-term investment 23, specialization in the field of winning habits: only invest in areas you know investment guru: only invest in areas he understands failed investors: do not recognize that a deep understanding of their own behavior is A fundamental prerequisite for success rarely recognizes that profit opportunities exist (and are likely to exist in large numbers) in his own area of expertise, and at the same time, does not seize the opportunity to learn about the profession and lose the possibility of becoming a professional