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Foreign exchange investment heart misconceptions analysis

A lack of adequate preparation, bl Eastforexcashbackd cashbackforexbtc Many cashback forex East forex cashback investors found that different foreign exchange deposit rates are different, they want to exchange low-interest currencies for high-interest currencies to do deposits, to receive higher deposit interest therefore it does not care how the trend of various foreign exchange, now the level of exchange rate forexcashbackcalculator high or low, blindly exchange this idea is very practical, anyway, I still want to do deposits, that and Why should I care about a little bit of spread? In fact, as long as they look at it from a different perspective, they will realize the one-sidedness of this idea of theirs Lets say, if a customer completes the exchange, within six months, the exchange rate drops 3%, and he only gets 2% interest on the deposit after tax, then in fact he still has 1% loss In fact, foreign exchange trading in addition to the foreign exchange expertise has certain requirements, investors should also pay close attention to the economic and political situation of the relevant countries  No matter what purpose to do foreign exchange investment, should do some preparation in advance, to understand the trend of various currencies and trends, analysis of when is relatively safe investment point, reasonable investment, in order to obtain investment income, but also to their own investment is really responsible Second, the lack of risk awareness Many investors believe that foreign exchange trading is a kind of losing time, not losing money investment in their view, foreign exchange investment There is no risk, the exchange rate up on the throw, to earn the difference; exchange rate down, the money deposited on a regular basis, to earn interest, as long as there is interest, that can always make up for the loss, the big deal is that the time is longer unknown, any investment is risky, in the investment must set up the necessary stop-loss point, so as to avoid certain foreign exchange investment risk For example, when the euro was introduced, many people are optimistic Its prospects, have bought the euro at 1.13, however, the euro has entered a long downward road, the lowest fall to 0.82 or so, and a fall is more than two years if such losses with interest to make up, it may take at least seven or eight years, or even longer But if you set up a stop-loss point, the loss will not be so alarming, and it is possible to do a reverse spread, in the long decline in the investment income at high levels Stop loss is to preserve the strength, the opportunity to invest again at low levels There is no free lunch, do investment must have a sense of risk, to think about the risk, and then think about the benefits Third, the clouds, blindly follow the trend In the more concentrated investors in the investment places, this happens from time to time many investors around one or two large investors to learn from these investors are mostly a lack of confidence in their own, but also eye on the gains of others, blind worship The investors are also blindly following the trend, without their own investment opinion, what others buy, they also follow what to buy. I do not know in foreign exchange investment, everyone has their own views, everyone has their own actual situation, others suitable, they may not be suitable for the brilliant performance only represents the past, and can not predict the future Therefore, when investing to have their own opinion, to know, others opinions can only be used for reference, to use The analysis and insight to judge the trend of the exchange rate, and then guide their own investment direction experience is gradually accumulated, do not blindly follow the trend, resulting in unnecessary losses Fourth, quick success, frequent operations Many investors in the investment, always feel that the currency held in the hands of the slow rise, up less, so frequent buying and selling, but the effect is contrary to expectations, not much gain In fact, frequent operations need to always pay attention to the market In fact, frequent operations need to pay attention to the market trend, and most investors are office workers, there is not too much energy to always pay attention to the fluctuations of the foreign exchange market, and thus the effect of foreign exchange investment is half the effort and, if repeatedly buy repeatedly set the bad situation will make the investors state of mind imbalance, into a vicious circle So, foreign exchange investors should try to overcome their impatience, waiting for the opportunity to foreign exchange investors must fully believe in themselves, with a calm The state of mind to grasp the best opportunity to enter the market, do a full swing, for the maximum return V. Quit arrogance and impatience people are not sages, more than robots, long in the face of the unpredictable storm clouds in the foreign exchange market, investors are inevitably impatient, losing patience this state is also a big taboo, it will make the investors trading skills greatly reduced, can not think calmly and make irreversible wrong decisions