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Urban Forex - Iconic Trader Program Review

If you re looking for a comprehensive trading education that will help you achieve the highest levels of trading success, consider the Iconic Trader Program. The program is much more comprehensive than Mastering Price Action 2.0. It goes into greater detail on how to determine when to trade large and when to exit positions. Traders who use the 15-minute time frame are particularly well-suited for this program. It is also much more detailed and comprehensive than other similar training programs.

The Urban Forex course starts with Mastering Price Action 2.0, which teaches you to read charts without using indicators, and the safest areas to enter and exit trades. This is the foundation of trading, and it s worth the price. The course also includes a free beginner s forex trading course that covers most of the basics. This program is perfect for beginners and can transform your trading career. The course also offers many additional bonuses, such as a 1-month free trial to the Elite Community.