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Engaged in foreign exchange trading 5 years experience

engaged forexcashbackcalculator foreign exchange trading 5 years, talk about my trading experience! A foreign exchange traders experience! Establ East forex cashbackh trading discipline Eastforexcashback strictly abide by the implementation of discipline, establish a suitable for their own foreign exchange trading system, grasp the trend, the trend is king, trading with the trend, control the amount of positions, resolute stop loss, never hedge A. Establish trading discipline and strictly abide by the implementation of discipline: discipline suitable for a variety of term trading, whether it is a medium or long term single or short term single success must rely on discipline wait for the appropriate time to trade cashback forex cashbackforexbtc over Trading I am now doing 5 to 15 single per month strict compliance with the trading plan and action plan strict compliance with the money management plan stop loss and exit discipline to allow profits to continue to develop the spirit of self-discipline to review mistakes foreign exchange traders need to think about a few questions: 1), do I follow the discipline? 2), do I do a good job before entering the market? 3), do I do a good job and comply with the laws of trading and trading plan? 4), is not often make the same mistakes? 5), whether every single do record, every single have a summary, every day, no single day also to summarize, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual summary B. Establish suitable for their own forex trading system: strict compliance with the system issued by the signal must have their own set of complete, systematic, operating system, in order to achieve stable profits rather than miss, and not do wrong can put the investment or trading plan. Not to do wrong to be able to invest or trade as a kind of enjoyment, is indeed a good mentality you study a set of trading system is not very efficient, but also after a long time of testing and trial, if the trading system of others copied over, think that found the money machine, I think this is not too early to be happy if it is so into the market without preparing a set of their own words, then you will find that soon If you believe that your own trading system is indeed effective, do not double-minded, be sure to strictly implement the instructions of the system, especially the entry and exit signals If you do not enter in a timely manner, it is only a missed opportunity, the money is still their own after all I now only look at the trading signals prompt system, never look at what MACD, KDJ, BOLL, RSI, C. grasp the trend: from simple to complex, and then from complex back to simple, anything happens, development, extinction follow this law can also be said to be the rise and fall cycle law investment with a calm mind to face, pure vision to analyze, do nothing to the way to trade, will certainly be rewarded. Trend ---- trend is a specific period of time can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, the direction of a particular price movement for the trend of the determination of a variety of methods, Dow, wave, average theory, etc., the simplest with a straightedge to the chart a how to grasp the trend, so that the trend for their own use, there are various wonderful method in fact, the trend is frighteningly simple, so simple that it can be described as follows: in the long market for more In fact, the trend is so simple that it can be described as follows: in the long market, short in the short market is easy to say, but its really hard to do this can not blame themselves nor blame others, in fact, it is human nature to determine the many weaknesses of human nature is from congenital, such as fear, laziness, impulsiveness, greed, etc., while many good qualities need to rely on acquired training and experience, so it also causes people to know and action can not be unified when we look at the exchange rate commentary, the analysts will say bearish Bearish reasons, and pointed out the future support or resistance, but also very kindly suggested in the support of low suction to grab the rebound, in the resistance to reduce the pounds of these gentlemens courage are very commendable, but I can not agree with their approach, in a short market in the low suction to grab the rebound, I am afraid will drown in the downward waterfall; in the long market in the short, I am afraid will be a foot on the helicopter trend is invincible, the trend of movement in the process of Resistance support can and trend against? Things will be reversed, in terms of the market, down deep brewing rebound; up more brewing back down but how many people can catch this pole? There is a saying: as long as there are people in the market and the trend of confrontation, then the trend will not end in the process of trend marching, and how many courageous people who dare to be the first in the world were mercilessly eliminated by the market ah trend can be identified why there are so many people lose money, one is the human nature of the problem, know the direction of the trend, because of greed fear laziness impulse, etc., think they are smarter than the market, unknowingly choose to fight the trend; two is not know what is the trend. Second, do not know what is the trend, completely by the feeling of walking in the market you use a pen, according to the K-line chart to draw the K-line after you feel upward to draw the smooth, then it will go up; you feel downward to draw the smooth, then it will go down; if the swing to the horizontal look comfortable, then the exchange rate range oscillation la If you do not know how to draw, do not think not to guess, exit the wait and see and do not lose money and so the trend is clear. When the plate is hot, and so you know understand, you want not to make money are difficult, want to lose money are difficult, then it is not too late to do ah important, in their own confusion should be outside the bureau, and should not be in it you can not use their own money to bet in their own confusion to do smart people useless, the key is to be a money maker!  D. Trend is king, trading with the trend, control the amount of positions, resolute stop loss, never hedge each time you open a position is one tenth of the position capital, not heavy position first think about where the stop loss is located, and then place a single; set a stop loss immediately after the order to make a habit of not forgetting, stop loss can only change small, not change large, when there is a profit of 50 points set up to protect; beginner trading many people do not set a stop loss, do not set a stop loss is the big taboo to do foreign exchange Never do hedging single, hedging is invented by Asians, in fact, is the most garbage a way to lock single easy, unlock difficult, the direction of the wrong only correct magic is the stop loss if three consecutive single are losses, stop a week do not trade, reflect, if five consecutive single loss, stop a month do not trade, reflect on the profit and loss must be in line with a certain ratio, generally 1:3, at least 1:2, do not lose big earn Small, to lose a little to earn a lot of long-term tracking of their own currency, familiar with the currency characteristics, master the time point (European and American time period exchange rate fluctuations), the space point (do not think that the exchange rate has been up or has been down dozens of hours has been non-stop, even if not retraced to consolidation), the price point (for example, in November 07 GBP / USD is 1: 2.100 has been very disproportionate; November 09 USD / CHF Swiss franc is 1:0.9916, which is very disproportionate in the price level of the dollar is the worlds economic big brother, the Swiss franc to counteract the dollar) to master the relationship between stocks, gold, oil, the U.S. index, the U.S. and Canada, non-U.S. They avoid the publication of major data transactions, such as non-farm payrolls, interest rates, etc. We are to achieve stable and sustained long-term profits, rather than a sudden surge of wealth or poverty with their surplus funds rather than their own necessary to live Funds to do diversified investment, such as foreign exchange, gold, stocks, insurance diversification so that you can reduce the risk of theoretical knowledge can be learned, and experience is their own in the real position in the constant little by little summary of the accumulation, in other words, everything is dollars for dollars otherwise, in the foreign exchange market to make money the door are mo, very little chance is to make money, just like the day can see the ghost of too few people to see more plate, the Less movement, hard work does not get rich, get rich people do not work hard to make money people do not bother, people who bother do not make money the foreign exchange market is no bloody battlefield, mentality and technology is their own weapons, to block retreat, and finally success! The cultivation of the mindset of the speculator, the cultivation of disk sense, the cultivation of discipline, the cultivation of traders, gold up the dollar also up the mystery of my daily forex trading life is in accordance with these forex trading laws to implement the easy law and the law is very similar, draw a circle, we stay in the circle is safe, is profitable, once you do not comply with the laws of trading, jump out of this circle, trading there is a great risk So the case of poor self-restraint, the development of foreign exchange trading laws to restrain themselves is also a way