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Auto Clicker Forex News Trader

The auto clicker forex news trader is a forex robot package that automatically executes the trades based on news releases. Its predefined deviations are pre-programmed in the software. The robot will automatically click on pre-defined positions 60 seconds after the release. The program also features a trading schedule to keep track of all the trades. Here are some of the features of auto clicker forex news trader:

The news ports let you trade based on macroeconomic data with a single click. You can select any number of currency pairs and set a preset TakeProfit and StopLoss for your trades. The trades are executed with the BreakEven method. This auto clicker forex news trader can also delay the trades until the market has settled and the price is higher. However, you need to be aware that it is possible for the auto clicker forex news trader to block your IP address.